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Really nice game. Sadly I found loads of diamond blocks but I don't think they're mine-able without a gold pickaxe? And I didn't find any gold at all. The controls could definitely use some work, and correct feedback animations would help. The crafting works nicely, though a bit tedious when you want to craft multiple things, like food, you have to fill up the boxes again 1 by 1. I'm aussimhg the map is generated, causes it's quite large and I found villages, I think I found a door or something (looked like a diamond padlock on it), but couldn't break it. I had to quite because it started slowing down a lot, it was raining and I think there was a ton of instances at this point.

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Heyo, yeah, the game isn't perfect, but I do have a few solutions to some of the problems you posted.

First of all, you didn't find any gold because gold ore turns to diamond ore while it rains. It should only rain for a few minutes, although the lag you experienced may have caused it to last longer. (There is an item you can craft using a 3x3 amount of gold that toggles the rain, but it doesn't seem like that would have really helped in your case, considering the circumstances).

The lag, by the way, is caused by travelling too far away from the spawn area, and is a bug I didn't manage to fix before release. (Resources are renewable by the way, by placing saplings on different types of surfaces; ie, planting trees on water will give you lilypads, and planting them on stone will give you different ores).

Additionally, I know this wasn't telegraphed well, but pressing c while crafting allows you to make the object without removing items from the crafting grid, effectively adding a way to make large quantities of items at once.

Also, yeah, the map is practically infinitely large and randomly generated.

Anyways, thanks for the review.