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Really well made.  The art is fantastic and the atmosphere really keeps you on edge.

great stuff.

love the anticipated face of impending doom you put out haha i would too.   "I forgot how to hands!"  XD   I find this game interesting & have seen a few videos between now and couple years ago or so, & almost nobody pointed out the bloody screw driver or shirt which makes me wonder how the boy died lol that seems like an awful thing to keep in the car !!  BTW the medicine is Klonopin   lol i have extreme general & social anxiety. there is NO way i could handle this situation in real life much less be focused enough to follow directions & the last thing i would want to try is shutting off electrical yet at same time i would def want to attempt to gtfo of that situation lol it's pretty much a mental nightmare this game.   great video & great intro

Yeah, i'm assuming she killed someones (or her) child. I'm just not sure if she has anxiety and the guilt is affecting her or if the trauma of killing someone is giving her anxiety.