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I like the current setup, and knowing i can change it at any point using custom mapping helps quite a bit in easing me (cause i am known for breaking or spraining my wrists)

but as frontalowl said it would be good if there was a way to stop yourself from accidentally letting go of the right click and accidentally putting your gears down, i find this more of a problem on laptops than on actual towers with a proper mouse.

though i would like it if we could move the controls using the mouse itself instead of buttons, not sure if that is possible at the moment but that would be a cool feature for if it ever gets added

Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried unchecking the "move camera when right-hand mouse button is held down" checkbox under camera movement in the key configuration? You'll need to map the movement keys to some other keys in that case but you no longer need to hold down the mouse button when moving. Clickable cab controls are planned but the actual date or version to include them is not yet set.