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Ah, thanks for answering, looking forward to the route editor.

chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga

though one question is when you gets route off steam workshop how will it pop up on the menu... will there be a button that lets you see user made content?

this just crossed my mind since the current main menu has the routes already there and if it just adds routes to that it could really messy really quickly

looks great so far, looking forward to this feature

hey love the new timetable editor (only recently was able to play it), though one thing i was curious on was if there will ever be support to have different trains run at different times (example: suburban down 10:00 being a class 117 whilst the 15:00 is a 112)

I like the current setup, and knowing i can change it at any point using custom mapping helps quite a bit in easing me (cause i am known for breaking or spraining my wrists)

but as frontalowl said it would be good if there was a way to stop yourself from accidentally letting go of the right click and accidentally putting your gears down, i find this more of a problem on laptops than on actual towers with a proper mouse.

though i would like it if we could move the controls using the mouse itself instead of buttons, not sure if that is possible at the moment but that would be a cool feature for if it ever gets added

The update looks awesome and it is a bonus that we get some stuff that was planned for future updates. It is also better to be released late then released on time and being an unfinished buggy update

this update looks great and defiently worth the wait, nice job

Cool thanks for answering that :D

In 1.3 Editor update (Feb 2018) it says "loco + wagons and coaches." what type of loco do you mean like steam or diesel? i would assume diesel but i don't want to be mistaken

Rescue scenario is cool, I have never seen something like it before, and being in the broken train and driving from there while hearing no engine noise made it feel even more real, great job!

great job on this update, i love being able to walk around the cab now :D

cool thanks for replying so fast, i am looking forward to this update

Hey I was wondering how this update is coming along since it is nearing the end of october, do you think it will reach october or come out later?

awesome game btw I love it, it is far better than train simulator in my honest opinion