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This is adorable! Love the character design, love the giant hand that gives our foxy hero his hat and piccolo, (mostly) love the platforming aspect of it and love having to find all the wee birds on each level before moving on!

If this becomes a full-on project I'd love to see some story woven into the mechanics between each level, perhaps some challenges aside from bird hunting and maybe some not quite as torturous jumps haha!

All in all a cracking start to what could be a cracking game! Keep up the awesome work! =)


Thank you so much for the feedback, I laughed a lot with the video I really didn't think the platform mechanics were so...dumbly implemented LOL.

I also took notes of some improvements you suggested, such as the ducking to lower the camera so you could see what's below the character's foot.

Man, it's awesome to actually watch someone playing it! There are lots of insights now, thank you for that. I wish you success, and stay tuned, there will be lots of improvements to the game