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1.12 should fix this. Uploading it here now (I'll upload to Steam later). I'd actually forgotten to code any Fugitive achievement logic. Obviously my sub conscious didn't want anyone to be a bot-killer, lol. And I corrected the perfect achievement count now. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

Adding new achievements is really easy, so think about any ideas you have.

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Hi, Thank you for fixing the bug :-)  I got a few idea's for new achievements: Survive 1 minute in "danger-zone" (danger begins after 3 minutes); Destroy 20 (or more) ufo's in 1 level; Complete 10 levels without losing a life; Complete Renaissance level set; Complete Classic level set; Complete the game on easy difficulty; Complete the game on normal difficulty.

I prefer to see it as a missing feature, rather than a bug ;-)

I've made a note of your achievement ideas - there are some good ones there, thank-you.

You're welcome ;-)