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I've one question about version 2.03: There are levels in the game where you have to use the wormhole to transport your bat to a higher place. But when you bring the bat back to the lower position, the wormholes don't work anymore and my bat goes through walls. And when I've collected 9000 diamonds, my bat can't catch the diamonds anymore. Is this right? Thanks for all your updates and your hard work  :-D

I'm happy with this big update, thank you ;-)

Thank you ;-)

Hi Anthony :-) I must say something about version 1.15: The maximum of alchemites you can collect is 9000. But when I've reached that, sometimes  the counter resets to 0 randomly, when I play the next level. When the game is over then you've made a record in the hall of fame, but behind your name it shows "CHEAT!" Can you fix this bug? Thanks you for all your good work ;-)

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Great update again Anthony ;-) I'm still curious to the hard difficulty and elite levels. Greetings Mitchel (your number #1 fan haha)

You're welcome ;-)

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Hi, Thank you for fixing the bug :-)  I got a few idea's for new achievements: Survive 1 minute in "danger-zone" (danger begins after 3 minutes); Destroy 20 (or more) ufo's in 1 level; Complete 10 levels without losing a life; Complete Renaissance level set; Complete Classic level set; Complete the game on easy difficulty; Complete the game on normal difficulty.

This is a great game!! ;-) But I've one question about the achievement called "Fugitive" (kill the helper bot): I've killed the helper bot several times, but the Fugitive-achievement won't pop-up. I've completed the other 19 achievements. After completing the 19th achievement it shows "perfect" (completed all achievements). How can I earn the achievement "Fugitive"?

Awesome update is version 1.06, I like the new graphics :-) Every time when I see a new update of the game , it looks better :-)

I've played, the full version of Powball Renaissance. It's an awesome game!! ;-) But when is the new version of Powball Renaissance available, with the new Elite-levels and hard-mode? I've created now 60 custom levels and 3 bonus levels :-)

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This is one of the best games that i've ever seen. I hope in the future there's an option to play a level longer than 3 minutes. There's one bug in the level editor: When you catch a Bonuslevel-key, the same level will repeat at next level; and the next level again. But I love this game, I can't wait for more updates/options :-D I've played the old Powball game since 1997 ;-)