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Hi :-) Thank you for uploading the full version of 1.05 ;-) This version looks better than version 1.03. If you like to play my custom levels, I would send them to you. 

I have no idea why I lost my gamedata, maybe because I've updated 1.03 (full version) to a demo-version? I've tried today to replace the new file (file after the update) to the old file (file before the update) of PowBallRen.dat, but I still have not my  old gamedata back. What I did before the update, was making a back-up-folder of version 1.03 into another folder at C:\. But after the update, I lost the gamedata in both versions (the folder where I did the update (1.05 demo-version), and in the back-up folder too (1.03 full version). Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know...

I hope that more people will buy this game, because I'm very excited to the new elite-levels and new options ;-)

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Hi :-) Ik have one question about Powball Renaissance: I've played the full version (1.03) of Powball Renaissance, it's an awesome game!! A few days ago I've updated the game  to version 1.05. But after the update, I lost my  gamedata and all of my highscores; I can also only play the demo-version. Is there a way to get my old gamedata back? And is it possible to play the full version of version 1.05 at this moment?

I've played, the full version of Powball Renaissance. It's an awesome game!! ;-) But when is the new version of Powball Renaissance available, with the new Elite-levels and hard-mode? I've created now 60 custom levels and 3 bonus levels :-)

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This is one of the best games that i've ever seen. I hope in the future there's an option to play a level longer than 3 minutes. There's one bug in the level editor: When you catch a Bonuslevel-key, the same level will repeat at next level; and the next level again. But I love this game, I can't wait for more updates/options :-D I've played the old Powball game since 1997 ;-)