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You're welcome ;-)

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Hi, Thank you for fixing the bug :-)  I got a few idea's for new achievements: Survive 1 minute in "danger-zone" (danger begins after 3 minutes); Destroy 20 (or more) ufo's in 1 level; Complete 10 levels without losing a life; Complete Renaissance level set; Complete Classic level set; Complete the game on easy difficulty; Complete the game on normal difficulty.

This is a great game!! ;-) But I've one question about the achievement called "Fugitive" (kill the helper bot): I've killed the helper bot several times, but the Fugitive-achievement won't pop-up. I've completed the other 19 achievements. After completing the 19th achievement it shows "perfect" (completed all achievements). How can I earn the achievement "Fugitive"?

Awesome update is version 1.06, I like the new graphics :-) Every time when I see a new update of the game , it looks better :-)

I've played, the full version of Powball Renaissance. It's an awesome game!! ;-) But when is the new version of Powball Renaissance available, with the new Elite-levels and hard-mode? I've created now 60 custom levels and 3 bonus levels :-)

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This is one of the best games that i've ever seen. I hope in the future there's an option to play a level longer than 3 minutes. There's one bug in the level editor: When you catch a Bonuslevel-key, the same level will repeat at next level; and the next level again. But I love this game, I can't wait for more updates/options :-D I've played the old Powball game since 1997 ;-)