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Nice work! I keep dying very quickly, but I seem to be slowly putting together pieces of the puzzle. Any hints on whatever 'tricks' you are referring to? :)

Thanks!  Here's some hints/strategies:

  • Petrified enemies will block enemy movement, and you can still get mana from their destruction, by you or enemies.  Petrifying a large enemy is not only safer than fighting them - it also gets you more mana back from their destruction.
  • Arrows are very dangerous - use stoneskin whenever there's an archer around. (I'd intended to implement a more interesting mechanic here, but didn't get to it in time.)
  • Stoneskin won't stop the rocks from sling orcs, so it's usually worth the cost to just petrify them on sight (or torch them, if enough other enemies are suitably positioned.)
  • Melee combat is the only way to get "free" mana early on, and smaller enemies will die in one hit - don't be afraid to use up your transfusion imps.
  • Later, there's also free mana from arrows that miss you and hit enemies.
  • Using the exquisite fan will get you a lot of mana if you can make it hit enough enemies across a large enough arc.  Torch is very effective cast along a bridge full of enemies.

I hope that helps.  Thanks for giving my 7drl a try!  :)