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1:56 and I sure spent a lot of time walking around and getting killed. I liked the story! It sort of drags on though...

The fights can be fun, since the enemy AI is surprisingly good at keeping out of reach and baiting you to attack at the wrong time. I died more to the random monsters than to the bosses. Unfortunately this meant that it was safer to walk past monsters than to kill them; it's easy to miss the monsters and take a bunch of damage, and there are not that many opportunities to regain health.

My favorite thing about this is still the graphics. They came out really nice.

I think there is a bug with the save file. I beat the game without quitting and when I opened it again my checkpoint was right near the beginning of the game.

Cool! Thanks for the comments and playtime. I can definitely appreciate the feeling of it dragging on, and I totally agree that there wasn't a huge incentive to fight the monsters. I sort of ran out of space on the cart and didn't want to spend a bunch of time refactoring, since that wasn't my objective... so certain things (like monster drops and much of a reason for gems at all) kind of fell by the wayside.

I'll definitely look into that save file bug... that sounds like it could be aggravating!