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Hi there!

I didn't understand this sentence you said:
One of the ways I package my game is by taking all the files in can in the "data" folder and copy pasting them into the rmmz_managers.js variable fields.

I got that you are having a problem with the Actors.json, and the crash error is giving you "actor undefined". If it giving you actor undefined, that is probably something related to the database of your package (you mean a deployed version?) don't have a specific actor that the game is requiring?

I can't understand it right, sorry. And most importantly, what this does have with my Balloon position plugin?

the variable fields in this javascript file is one of the ways I package all the data so that it's harder to get at. When I copy the Actors.json data into the circled field it gives me the error "Actor undefined". When I first encountered this error I started to do the usual troubleshooting steps of disabling plugins and re-enabling them till I found the one that caused the issue, and the balloon position plugin in is the one causing the issue. (sorry if i'm still unclear, I have a hard time explaining things in general)

Ok, I have to be honest. I don't have any clue on what's going on xD

BUT, maybe, just maybe, it can be related to the feature of my plugin that uses the filename to adjust the balloon positions. If you are using the method of the filename, please try to change it to the meta method or the comment method(for events)

If that not solve the problem, I'm sorry but don't know what the problem is. For sure is a compatibility issue related to the way you package your game.