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1. What did you think overall?

I really, really love it so far! The writing is so humorous and engaging, and I really love Ash's personality. Overall,  I really love the customization options! It really makes you feel like you can be the character, and make the adventure your own! I also love the way Ash and the rest of the characters change depending on the race you pick (my personal favorite is Shika!) The art and soundtrack are really good and overall I just really love the game so far! 

2. Which character are you most excited about romancing?

I'm honestly in love with all of the characters so I'm really excited about romancing all of them! But I think I'm going to go for Raphael first because its so cute the way he takes everything so literally.

3. Did you find any bugs/typos?

I haven't encountered any bugs or noticed any typos

4. What would you like to see most in the full game?

I can't wait to learn more about the Shika in particular since they seem so mysterious, and I hope to learn more about their culture! I also would love to see some good ol banter and friendship between the party because its a weakness of mine (example: Dragon Age and Fire Emblem! Those games did such a good job with developing friendships and relationships between companions and I loved it~)

5. Other comments or suggestions?

Honestly, the game is amazing already so I don't have too many suggestions, but maybe for the part where you pick the food choices provide a little bit of a description or name of the food? Because some of them I could tell what it was but others weren't as clear. Not a big deal though since its not a big part of the game/story. Amazing job so far, can't wait for the full game! Thanks for making this and sharing it! <3

6. Would you want an in game jukebox for the soundtrack?

In game jukebox sounds like a cool feature, so yeah! But if it's a lot of extra work to implement its not really needed so don't worry about it too much!

Oh man, thank you so much for the nice feedback! I'm always so self-conscious about my comedy stuff so it's wonderful to hear you find it engaging. I am also a big fan of dragon age, it's a big inspiration for me! One day I hope I can make something half as good ;u;

Many people have mentioned the bread, so I'll try and make that a little easier to understand!

Thanks again for your comments, and I hope you like the full game even more!