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So as you already know I love all of your games - the atmosphere, character models, everything is just so visually pleasing. This update was no different. I'm glad there is a bit of voice acting added onto Freddy, it makes it feel a little more real. I was confused at first about how to access the 'boiler room' dream, but then I realized that you made this into a two-parter! Brilliant. I really don't have anything negative to say about this. It'd be cool to keep adding layers onto this game, like an inception sort of thing. xD

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Glad this update was pleasing to yee, lol. I've always enjoyed this game, and I probably will continue adding more stuff to it to make it even more fun. Either that, or I decide to make the sequel, A Nightmare on Sesame Street: Dream Warriors.

oh yeah! I saw you mention something about that! Either or would be awesome! My body is ready xD