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I'm glad you liked the demo. We hope to get the Kickstarter up in April or May. Thanksss

Ok here I am, i finally have enough time to comment.

First, the art is great, so great. I love it and have so many potentials. I was worried at first I'm not going to lie when I saw the characters design for the first time. They were all pasty white and looked straigh out of a  2000 emo concept art but thanksfully your writing is more self-aware than that.

The characters are lovely and in a few seconds, we actually got to connect with them and those bubble help a lot in addition to bring some originality to the visual novel format. I really liked it, and i don't know if, like Freak quency you spend all of the good scene and fluid animation on the demo, even though since Amplitude we can safely say we are long past freak-quency at this point, lmao.

The algorithm also really make me curious, as every choices made in one file affects another and the pov shift do bring a real interest in the characters, and help a lot because if we have favorite, we can experience their inner thoughts vs their exterior impression which is a concept that Visual Novel, despite being the perfect medium for this type of shift, never truly used or really experiment with that so I'm happy about it. Also, the art. Did I mention the art? I love the art style.

But here is for te bad. So... The glitter are lovely and hilarious but not that well done. Same goes for the font inside the bubble, it's only a demo so I know you might come up with something better but it don't look that great and like the satisfying perfect justify of comic dialogue. As for the glitter, they would be prettier outside of the bubble, surronding it. It might be more complicated but i think the effect would be nicer. As for another flaw... it's not a flow. But another subject altogheter:

It's time for nitpicking. The aditionnal sex scene are ... very pretty and very erotic. Well drawn and when I thought about them for a second I realize they were all depiction of one night stand on way of another but the issue is that i don't really connect the dots because of the pink color. Pink is sweet sweet color, whose coding might not fit the scene. Sure, pink does reflect erotism and sensuality, but it's also synonymous with sweetness, care, innocent, joy and mostly love. And if you do use this shading on scene that are about love, this would add the impact greater in my opinion as the colors would say "it's sincere" the way the script or anything else might not. As for color that evoke more the idea of one night stand, emerald green is a pretty good color. It evoked desir, selfishess, greed, craving and satisfaction as well as preciousness, fantasy and beauty but those last three might be a far scretche.

Also, the music is as always great. I don't know how come you just managed to get the right song for the right moment. You said before those songs were free but we could swear that the music were designed for the moment, it's amazing. You're really good at getting a mood right an amplify it.

Well, I don't know if by april or may i will have enough ressources to help the kickstarter but i will share it as much as possible. Good luck and keep on doing you.

You're doing amazing sweetie.

Thank you Maraj for the kind words and support and the criticism! The glitter, yes we're probably going to change/polish that but perhaps not the font because of preference but maybe if we find something better. And I'm glad someone comment on the sex scenes, because I  was so lost lol. well... I can't spoil anything yet, but only one of them is a one night stand. I'll say that much, and will probably try mixing and matching colors that works for mature scenes. Thank you again !