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Don't worry, you're def not the only one ^ ^

Love that someone notices the amount of sound effects I put in this haha! Thank you!

No worries, stream away!

For now, I don't plan to go on android, sorry

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Thank you very much for your comment and input, I didn't catch that 50 gold reward not succeeding. Did you complete that quest via the quest submission or do it in any other way (like when you meet Thane when he was hunting mice)? If it's done via quest board submission, the funds still pass through for me. So I might need to follow up with you on that, to find out what triggered the bug > <

As for the overwrite section, consider it done!

Hope for your reply on the quest issue, and thank you!

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You've asked that before, and the answer is the same, I just realized the similarity after you point it out haha, tho it's just the hue of the blue jacket. But the blue jacket  is good so why not I guess

Thank you for all the comments and support > <

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You can skip romancing them and enjoy the main story or stay just friends in their 'romance' route. The bad endings occur based on ur choice with the witches and a certain quest involving ur other self. 

I do recommend still exploring their route though as their events expands the world lore a bit, (Quill on witch hunters and mermaids, Thane on vamps, Arshem on fairies and Lyall on the fishing village and witches)

But they are entirely optional and you can just focus on the main plot if that is more your thing ^ ^

Thank u ^ ^

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plan for release is April 2024, for now my planned price is 10usd or so

Thank you, will definitely note for later > <

Thank you ^ ^

Thank You so much!

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Yes you will. This logic applies to my beta tier as wel, even if u only join a month, u will still have beta access later ^ ^

thank you ! ^ ^

Hello it seems like you have selected the exe version instead of the .app one, unless I am mistaken? For mac, please select the .app if the problem still persists and you cannot run the app at all, please email me for a refund, with proof of purchase, thank you!

Im not sure since I have never tried with them but I think it might might need a linux as after some reading, it seems an android release is more compatible for chromebooks

that is very sweet, I might hold u up on that later but after the game is done > <

Lol now I also can't unsee, I guess I just never noticed that

Attends voir > < !

Hello, it's the 15 USD and above tier ^ ^

Sorry for the late reply U have to check quill's room as he is doing it with someone

I don't have a mac but the mac my friend has was able to run it so unfortunately I myself can't help you there, sorry

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Thank you for trying the demo! Right now my main priority is getting the game out, and see translation chances from there since translation services do have necessary fees as well > <

yes in the demo, there is only 2 CGI with arshem, the first time we saw him and the oje where he pins us before class ^ ^

Also yes, there will be a cg gallery in the full game after release 

Some minor ones probably haha

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Oh, I deleted the Webtoon as it was previously for a competition but it has a clashing dialogue with this VN version so decided to delete it altogether for consistency's sake. I work as a writer for webtoon agencies as a day job, my most well-known work is probably Freak-Quency

My other published work is though this one story is more constrained by my boss.

Other works in production are my Muse the Merman upcoming on Inkfic and 4 others I can't state here due to NDA haha

On estimate a single playthrough is about 8 - 10 hours but it depends on the amount of dates you go on and quests you take

Implied sex yes, don't worry, all the guys swing both ways since they don't care much on gender in their world. More of a species thing due to their bonding biology.

Explicit sex no haha I dont intend to draw dicks yet lol

Ah sorry it's a typo its

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That would be helpful thanks. Although a short vid might be better but if not, a screenshot would be fine. You can send them to I did make the dot go super fast in the demo to test the max speed (it goes slower in current beta and full game haha) but it should not make multiple dots unless it's just the dot's after image

Thank you for your support! currently coding on the beta which is a lot of content to code in the gestures hopefully I have another beta up by the 20th this month ^ ^

Sorry, could you elaborate? If you mean the screen literally zooming in and out then no, but if you mean a dot swings back on the fishing bar and you need to click while the dot is in the green area , then it's supposed to be that way.

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So sorry that u didnt enjoy it unless u meant empty as it didnt run? If so may I ask what issue you encountered?

This is also new for me, and I cant seem to rrcreate. Hmm. Tho i think I know a way around it if it still persist. again sorry for ur inconvenience!

Ah sorry about that ^ ^ the moaning and voices is a sound not registered as a voice since I didnt categorize is that. Duly noted for later update

Windows 11 or below, if you don't mind me asking? This is the first time I saw this bug so not sure what could be the cause for now but I will look into it!

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Oh that's new, may I know your device specs? And if u have renpy or not in your device?

Sorry what do u mean by cut off? Do u have a screenshot?

désolé, non, je ne parle pas français