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We just read this post, so sorry, you waited so long and wasted your time.  You have every right to be angry. 

Unfortunately there was an error with the new reply that was able to be 'fixed' in the steam version but even then didn't trigger for everyone, and we never discovered why. The cheat was only maxing the stats and didn't have any other effect on gameplay 

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Well that wish was already granted not long after release LOL, not that we mind, it is common. But regardless, what is your question? I stopped checking the forums as much as no other questions pop out after 2020 and most I can only explain as my walkthrough guide on steam, so if it's another how to get a certain achievement. I can only explain as per there. Apologies for our own incompetency however it is what it is. 

If it's about Amplitude bugs or the sort, I can't answer that anymore since the code is rather clunky after renpy has updated over the years and cannot be managed as stated previously in the Steam Announcement page (That one of us should've posted here, but did not). Apologies, and hope you have a pleasant day.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, the contents are the same on in

if you need any additional help, please feel free to ask through our email

Hello, Unfortunately we did not implement readability friendly options int he full game either as we haven't explored such options in renpy. We apoligize for this and will consider implementing such options in the future. Thank you

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did you replay Final call as well? Im not sure what went wrong. Altho opening the sex scene isn't a clear indicate of 50 points. A clear indicate is Locks reaction to Keyes being what he is in the Asylum. If he freaked out he is below 50, if not it is above. If the ending is still stuck in Darkness, try this

sorry if it still doesn't help :')

Hmm porbably not, Lingering I prob won't add future ending only a DLC but that is more of a prequel, to when MH and Xander were the leaders.

Also I think you misinterpret the ending (although technically the story in Lingering is fully up to readers and their interpretation of it). Reborn and Illusion are two different endings. in Illusion Keyes is just that, an illusion. But in Reborn that person is actually Keyes been brought to life, only his memories are wiped ^ ^ hope that somewhat cheers u up a bit

Update! I made a Patreon, link here :

Hi. Thank you for buying my game ^ ^

Have you been playing Keyes' chapter alongside Lock's?  Because that CG is pretty far in Lock's, chapter "Check"

If you haven't played Keyes chapters,I suggest you do. It should be pretty explanatory if you have played the "Pratice" chapter and above.  But if you are confused. It's Keyes, he just change his bangs for reasons said later in the game ^ ^

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Hi, thank you for your kind words regarding Lingering.

Regarding your question they are all interconnected actually. 

1) Yes you can get different version of Final call without starting a new game. There are 3 versions. One where Lock n Keyes are enemies (Darkness), One where they are dating and one where they are just friends, all have a different final CG.

The problem for you is since you didn't unlock House Call, the enemy tag is stuck because the only way to remove that tag is in the House Call chapter or you become boyfriends with Keyes which overrides the enemy tag.

To get the boyfriends tag (without the House Call opened) you have to go back to the chapter where you had a date with Bishop "Date?" chapter in Lock and REJECT the kiss. Then play the "Honesty" chapter in Keyes and Keyes and Lock should date if you have over 50 points with Lock.

2) If you do want to remove the enemy tag to experience the just friends option of "Final Call". Open the "House Call" chapter by replaying the "Talk" chapter, but you have to not have sex with Keyes. As the chapter "Honesty" and "House Call" cannot be played simultaneously so if "Honesty" is available, "House Call" is not.

 To do this is rather tricky, since you have to have less than 50 points during the "Breakdown" chapter, play that to the end then go play the Culprit chapter to the end to open up a different scene with Lock and Keyes, then finally replay the "Talk" chapter. The chapter "House Call" should then be opened.

Pretty long chain, but most choices have a domino effect in Lingering so it is what it is I'm afraid, sorry > <. Good luck!

I recommend you check the date and time of each case. Every chapter has dates besides them which shows the story's flow. Hope that helps :)

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We have now updated the game in steam to fix the issues. Turns out the ending errors are due to our fix for  another bug  when triggering the Date chapter in Doll. Hence not triggering the other two endings properly. We have updated the game in steam (and updating here as well) to fix these issues.

 Thank you for pointing those out . So sorry for your inconvenience > <

Replaying the Trauma chapter and Mate/More chapter should fix the issues. Also check the Date chapter when Doll/Angel are dating will now trigger a cleaner event, previously we had some texts overlay or in the wrong position.

So sorry about everything and all your troubles :'(

Hi, I will try to further check this out but it might take some time. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for your inconvenience

Thank you for your kind words and support for my games. I'm glad you liked them :)

also i added the Lingering ending guides in the steam guide page so please check there ^ ^. I had players who had gotten all of Angel/Doll endings so I dont think it is a bug ,but let me know if you still can't trigger the 2nd ending

Thank you!

The answer for clocks in both the fireplace room or grandfather clock
clock room is 17:54 or 05:54 works too. ^ ^

Thank you for everyone's kind words. If any of you want to comment more please go ahead. I am going to check patreon a bit and see how it works. Do you think I should post my idea on lemma? So potential patreons know what I will be working on (besides Lingering)?

I won't post too much though, because if I do get a patreon up, I want the art and WIPs to be displayed there and only there

Thank you, feedback is highly appreciated ^ ^

Thank you for your kind words, I hope you can get the game later on when possible and tell me what you think. ^ ^

Thank you. Would you be willing to talk via email?  At

I would love to hear your thoughts ^ ^

But no worries if you don't have the time too, I understand :)

Thank you ^ ^

Yes, food is very much important haha. Mainly why I wanted to make a patreon because jobs are scarce and I would love to keep making VNs but yeah, finances > <

Thank you for commenting and saying that Lingering was a comforting read (despite its heaviness) means a lot. Your whole comment and feedback is basically what I hope people get from Lingering. So really, Thank you!

And thank you for stating your interest on supporting me on patreon ^ ^

Hope you do get better endings later :)

If you have any trouble getting the endings, you can check the Lingering endings.txt

Thank you for your input ^ ^

I agree on the itch,io part but idk if I should just set it pay what you want or have a set a price for future games (if the patreon route works)

What do you think?

You're not annoying at all, I made this post so we can have discussions, so by all means let it all out, lol.

I agree with you regarding facing my problems in game. Maybe because in Indonesia facing them in real life is too hard or not worth the effort, haha.

Yes we know Mazjojo too, he is an interesting man hahaha. I definitely won't show my face though, aku pake kerudung aslinya :') takut diflame ~

But honestly thank your for your suport and comment. I'm glad there are fellow Indonesians that are open to these kind of games ^ ^

Thank you, I hope you like the games when you get them!

Thank you for your comment, if you have any thoughts on Lingering please let me know. I always love hearing feedback, bad or good.

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don't worry we plan on posting the lingering guides in the discussion board on steam too b as the guides are free. We just want it to be a little less public for now tho so people try to figure things out on their own. But if you want the guide right away you can email me @ and I'd be happy to give them to you

Unfortunately no, for some reason we couldn't implement the steam achievements on a Mac. I contacted the Renpy engine creator to have some insight but unfortunately he couldn't help either. The difference of the game on steam and here is just achievements and exposure, really. So if you just want to play the game on mac, you can only do so on

So sorry for this, if we find a workaround/renpy engine updates we will probably add Mac onto steam as well.

Hope that explains things.

Best, Xero

Thank you. Hope we live up to your expectations > <

On average about 6-8 hours, depending on which chapters/routes you open up ^ ^

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If by happy you mean where they end up together, yes, there's one for both Lock/Keyes and Angel and Doll. There are endings where they happily end up with other people too though

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to get the Family one, have you played Angel's "False Alarm" chapter and answered "If you want" in Goldie's "We?" chapter?

For burden and love it seems you have a problem getting Keyes to hate you. Have you tried kissing Bishop, not punching that guy in Campus, and basically being aloof to Keyes? Try replaying some of those chapter events and then replay the final ending part, as to get the tag to enable triggering Burden or Love chapter does need you to replay the final battle part if your first endings is ones with a good relationship with Keyes. Hope that helps

They have the same price, only difference is steam has achievements system of course ^ ^. If steam sells well we will add cards too, but those do require a game to be 'popular' to have permission to add steam cards so prob not any time soon LOL

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We do have a twitter account but we're not really active on it, unfortunately. Might try to be more active now @ceylon_ent

For now we're focused on Lingering and chances for DLC stories for it. We have one idea that we would like to make into another VN (hopefully in mobile) but of course that takes more funds that we don't have right now, LOL. Maybe one day we'll post the concept ideas of it and see what people thinks, but tbh our team is at a crossroads at the moment. 

You can say Lingering is the one who will decide if our team will continue to make games or we will try our luck in the rat race. We like making these games, it's very fulfilling for our soul. But not so much our wallets, don't get me wrong, we're very fortunate anyone buys our game at all, but we are getting older. Some of us are at the age of starting our own families n such and so needs are a bit different than when we were just a bunch of college kids

I will email buyers on and offer steam keys, so no need to buy 2 copies. I will also make a devlog post about this later when our game on steam is released to inform other buyers  (^ ^)

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We wouldn't mind giving out steam keys to players who want it and have bought the game prior in, but we will probably only give the steam key if they have e-mailed/messaged us via with appropriate proof of purchase :) 

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Thank you for your understanding and good luck ^ ^. We  do plan on releasing a simple guide for all the endings but that will be released the earliest time around a week from now as we want players to experience the endings without our help for a while. 

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We're sorry, but we have tried this before, and unfortunately this is not possible due to how the game flow is coded and it will create many in game errors and complications. Enabling save in the case file will also cause the same error. However an autosave file should be available once you reached an ending. And once you have finished an ending, and it jumps back to the character select page, a new option will be available in each characters case file to see endings you have and try to get new ones. Previously crossed out chapters should also be unlocked or replay-able in this mode.

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Thank you for your comment ^ ^. Yes we plan on releasing on steam too, but we are still waiting for steam's approval on our store page, as it does take a while. If all goes well, we should be available on steam earliest around 24th June 2020 ^ ^

Whoops, missed that line. Thank you!

Everything is A-OK now, thank you for your concern and interest!

All is fine and Silent Morti is back to work, thank you for your concern > <

hello you can contact us at for any inquiries on Lingering, thank you :)