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Hmm did Ari ask you to be his girlfriend (cafe event) before Jon confessed or not. It could be a bug, it also could be timing, since Jon still can confess even though Katy dated but she shold not be able to accept Jon's confession, just be thankful of it or said okay. If you continue to romance both Jon's ending would probably pop out because he has a higher priority in the code, I'll check the code out and make sure if it's a system bug or a mistake on the coding. Thank you for reporting this, so sorry for your inconvenience!!

No you cannot, when you oficially date someone others will comment on it. Some, such as Liz will even get mad if you try to romance her when you're already dating someone else

Cam and Michelle are unfortunately undateable :( there ending route is only until you help them resolved their own issues . Michelle and her secret, and Cam with his guilt

Thank you Maraj for the kind words and support and the criticism! The glitter, yes we're probably going to change/polish that but perhaps not the font because of preference but maybe if we find something better. And I'm glad someone comment on the sex scenes, because I  was so lost lol. well... I can't spoil anything yet, but only one of them is a one night stand. I'll say that much, and will probably try mixing and matching colors that works for mature scenes. Thank you again !

Thank you for the kind words and videooo!

Thank you for playing our demo, we never heard of Jagaaan, maybe we'll look into that.  

I'm glad you liked the demo. We hope to get the Kickstarter up in April or May. Thanksss

Thanks for the playthrough <3

It looked good with the sprites compared to the style in amplitude or 3d Backgrounds, plus it's a lot more fun to animate :D

Ah I see a more free multi couple one. Well maybe if I had more help/funding with it, thanks for the input though

Thank You!!

I don't have the strength for that LOL, you have a couple in mind u wanna pari up, just curious.

Thanks :D

the simplest way to get all necessary things is getting Cam's candy or Michelle's quest + lipstick from the heartbreaker girls, dress. That should work

Thank you for the criticism and kind words. About 'a year', that was a bit of troll from me and Giselle, so.. yeah I should stop doing that. Originally it was supposed to be a year or almost so, like FQ, however since we intended the game to be played repeatedly up to 4 times to try all character combinations, we decided to cut the gameplay to only 2 months in game, in case the player get frustrated.

I'll try my best at differentiating the characters in my next game, although Body types are rather difficult for me, I'll at least try to rely less on clothes impact like how I did with FQ and ampli. I'm actually surprised a lot of people liked FQ and Ampli's music, since they're all free music really, you can google them online and download the for free. 

I'm taking a gamble at my next game, by having a more story heavy gameplay, add some GxG, and BXB elements, and no more stat raising, but you can change characters instead, and maybe a little bit of qte and minigames with rewards if you complete them but I'll make a disable button available for more classic Vn players however they won't get to see the additional scenes, so it'll be fair.

I would love all the feed back I can get on my next project too if you have any say in it.


Thank you for your time typing all that :D


It happens in Katy's common route and you can see it in the demo, we see it attempted but nothing too explicit it can also be interpreted as police violence, so yes a cop that we never known before is the culprit. Hope this clarify things

The next project have multiple MCs, three males and two females. It has a chapter based system. More here, https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=45905

Aww thank you! And thank you for the support!

Aww thanks it's released, and we're developing a new game :3. Thank you for the support!

You can comment here instead of the forum as well, we wuld like the feed back thank you

there should be a draft button on the messaging app, draft one to Xero

Yes, you can still get the good ending as long as you've seen their last romantic event (Usually a confession) and you've maxed a certain stat. Example, you will unlock Liz's good ending by making your deception at least 120 (Deceiving). You can see here for more info https://gameplay.tips/guides/1071-amplitude.html

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Umm, have you played to the end that I pressume, unfortunately there is no way to save Eric from... 'that end' :') Thank you for supporting our game though, means a lot :D

TARAAA https://gameplay.tips/guides/1098-amplitude.html

It's alright, but thank you for your apology means a lot! We understand though, sometimes piracy is invetible. We're just putting the issue out there since our teams are pretty much broke college students anyway hahahaha, but really thanks for the apology and we forgive you. Please help share the word and Amplitude though so we can make more games and stay together as a team, thank you!

you can contact us here or to our email at ceylonent.ind@gmail.com

Thank you for your kind words, also if you love freak-quency, our bg artist sakon04 made a comic about freak-quency in lezhin

  Freak-Quency comic


If your stats are too blue, you automatically trigger the bad ending :D

Yes that is enough thank you!

We just noticed this can happen. We'll try getting to the bottom of this, can you tell me what kind of mac you're using? So sorry for the inconvenience

we're going to fully update the file in here on Tuesday to be updated to be the one in steam. So sorry it takes a while, we prefer to update in itch.io in larger chunks since we can't update it as quickly as using steam, this is due to the fact our team can't seem to install butler (itch.io updater) we apologize for the inconvenience

We'll try to ask PyTom about this, when we first used renpy, we could use both in 32 and 64 but in the latest renpy (which is required to make it work on steam) it only had 64 settings. We'll ask him about this details as well, since we're not that expert on ren'py either so sorry! 

We've noted some bugs in Jon's route tho, Felix images appearing in twos in Michelle's ring scene, lack of  Bal Sem in Jon's route, if you've downloaded the game in 5-6th September  you should still have this bug unless you updated the game. We're sorry for the other bugs that may occur, we update the game every time someone reports to us something out of place , but uploading to itch.io takes half a day due to our computers can't install butler from itch.io, and slow indonesian internet, so we prefer to patch the game in a full bundle , at a spesific time (say every tuesday) so it's not as quickly updated as it is on steam

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Could you please post the errors you've encountered? And what quests that you weren't able to finish? If it's the baby potion one, I've recently uploaded the update game but only the PC for now, due to bad internet connections. And which bad end please? If you used Eve/Jon there are 2 bad ends, one if you follow Jon's mother request, another if you are too nice in the game (your morality bar at the bottom of the stat screen is majority in blue). If you encounter another ending that differs from both of those two, please let me know. As I've had no reports of such bug beforehand. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience

There is also a guide on Quest completion, here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130561978

you can buy on itch.io as well 

there are 8 cats in the game. 2 in the hospital chibi scene, 2 in the outerskirts, 2 in  the  club pool 1 in near the cafe, and the cool kats symbol is counted a 'cat'

Thank you for your support, hope you enjoy the game!

Fixed, so sorry about that

should be fixed now!

We are glad you enjoyed the demo!

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Perhaps your country blocked mediafire? We will upload a direct link this time

EDIT: The new link is up