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Here's another video. Not a whole lot has changed since the last version, it's still very fun and addictive to play but also very janky. I like having a dash instead of a run though, and the enemy bullets being slower makes for some really fun gunfights. But the game still has too much flashing, too much shaking, too much freezing and a lot of glitches. Path finding is still very weird for certain enemies like the knife and shotgun guys where they charge at me so suddenly it feels almost like a glitch. Enemies still get stuck in walls. Sound mixing is still all over the place too. Still wish the movement was tighter with less inertia. The bullet freeze power up feels useless. Grenade is surprisingly awesome and versatile though. Had a lot of really long hallways this time for some reason. Last is a small, extremely subjective nitpick but it always bugs me how the enemies keep their momentum even after you kill them. Makes the kill feedback unclear and thus a bit unsatisfying.

Thank you so much as always for playing and giving so much good feedback!

I will remove the jumping of the knife enemy and look over the shotgun sprint. I feel like you about the bullet freeze, that's getting changed or removed too. I will have to redo pathfinding further down the road to fix it. There's a bug somewhere in the obstacle mapping and i cant find it. Thank you!