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Wow, this is really interesting. I got pretty stuck in some places, but I did manage to get to the end~ It's a bit hard to rate since a lot of its shortcomings are clearly related to the platform; I will admit I find the Atari 2600 soundscape uniquely difficult to listen to.

It would be nice if it was a bit clearer what could be jumped on -- I spent a lot of time on the ghost before I realized that I wasn't expected to completely avoid it.

Unless I'm missing something, the horny here seems pretty subtle. But then, I'm realizing by now that every time I'm not sure what the horny is, I just assume there's a sperm/egg metaphor going on. ...which would be pretty hot.

Uh, anyway. Overall, I had a fair bit of fun with this one despite the frustration at points. I'd also be super interested to learn more about how this game was made. Do you have any plans to make the source code available?


Thanks for playing!

I have some trouble balancing difficulty. I did intend for it to be challenging, but I don't like games that actively try to frustrate the player. I need to work on that! 

Atari sound effects are kind of engrained in my brain! All the same, I played around with some of the jumping values. I set the control register to a more pure waveform so that should be easier on the ears. 

I was hoping the top of the flower looked dangerous enough not to try to jump on it. Thinking about it now, they probably do in Mario Bros. because they have teeth! Wonky collisions not withstanding, everything else can be jumped on. Sometimes the bee and ghost are weird though.

The horniness was definitely toned down for this one compared to my last attempt... but I have a thing for inter species stuff so it's enough for me. ;D The sperm and egg is interesting though, and would make a unique Atari game!

The only reason I didn't release the source code is that it's a hot, uncommented mess and didn't think anyone would get much out of it. I was going to wait until someone asked! I put it up now. While I do know assembly language (just the z80 and I'm brushing up on 6502 for c64 stuff) I used a BASIC compiler called Batari BASIC. The Atari 2600 was never meant to do the things it does, and the programmer needs to do some crazy stuff just to get it to display anything. The compiler takes care of all of that, but you still need to consider the limitations, like only having around 27 bytes of RAM to work with and only two sprites. 

Forgive my rambling; I do appreciate the feedback!