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Awesome! Very polished experience even at this stage, and I would love to see more levels created. The intro is very nice. The art style is really unique which makes it stand out, and seeing the stars out of the portholes really adds to the immersion. The music makes 'PANIC' mode feel awesome but I wish I could hear the track play in full. One minor thing that bothered me was the camera freezing when using the elevators (one time I called the elevator down and walked away as it was arriving, then my camera suddenly stopped responding even though I was nowhere near it). I really enjoyed the last level with its wide open areas and small crawl spaces.

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The elevators were a bit of a bodge fix, since I ran into issues. (But if I were to continue development this would be something I would fix) Thanks for all the feedback, I'll take it into account.