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Nice! I guess that must be the most optimal layout to win with. Surprised someone actually managed to finish it after all this time :)

Aesthetic is spot on, really like it.

Yea, Early game is a bit tricky to get going to be fair. But after playing through it a few times I felt it was right. Since too much money at the start makes it a bit easy. The best tip I would give is to first get power online, then focus on offices until you get income coming in, then quickly build houses before the happiness drops too far. Thanks for the feedback though.

Ah cool. thanks for clarifying

12HJam 2 community · Created a new topic 16 colours

Just want to clarify. Is 16 colours just 16 colour values, or 16 bit?

Hi there,

You are quite right, I did think about having objects be easier to delete. But through play testing I found it to be quite fun to scroll through the objects and remember where each one is. X I don't know why I added, figure it must have been easier to just separate the key presses.

Thanks for playing though.

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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The elevators were a bit of a bodge fix, since I ran into issues. (But if I were to continue development this would be something I would fix) Thanks for all the feedback, I'll take it into account.