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Thanks so much for playing! Glad you remembered you saw it at the con. On the music, the game is getting a totally new soundtrack as it's the one part people weren't having a major response to. The initial soundtrack would've worked better if this was a tv series or movie instead of a game so now music that better captures the spirit of gameplay is being made.

An updated demo with new music will be posted prior to the full game.

That’s great to hear. Your game has a lot of polish to it already so it would be great to see every part of it is firing in all cylinders. Also, I understand the initial plan is to kick this off on Windows but it would be killer if you ever brought this on the Switch!  That system seems perfect for arcade games let alone shmups.

P.S. okay I just got to know, does firing while doing a barrel roll increase the fire rate?  From look and sound it seems like it but I can’t tell for sure.

indeed rolling does increase your firing rate as well as the amount of energy you gain while near enemy fire. There are a lot of mechanics that mix into the roll that actually make it a super powerful offensive maneuver.

On the subject of a switch port, it does seem likely with just a few details to iron out provided there is a decent enough showing on pc.