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Dr. Bagels

A member registered Mar 06, 2018

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That’s great to hear. Your game has a lot of polish to it already so it would be great to see every part of it is firing in all cylinders. Also, I understand the initial plan is to kick this off on Windows but it would be killer if you ever brought this on the Switch!  That system seems perfect for arcade games let alone shmups.

P.S. okay I just got to know, does firing while doing a barrel roll increase the fire rate?  From look and sound it seems like it but I can’t tell for sure.

So I saw this game at VGM Con last weekend but it was unplayable due to controller complications. I'm glad I looked this game up afterwards b/c this demo is nuts! Really love the visuals of the game and the effects are top notch! Gameplay is pretty addicting and I'm curious to see where this game goes once it's finished. The only thing I'm not really nuts about is the music. Definitely serviceable for what it is but for how aggressive the explosions and effects are, I guess I was expecting something more intense. But hey, that's probably just me wanting shmups to all sound like Tecno Soft shmups haha. 

Anyways Great work guys! Can't wait to see more.