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actually I have began programming in C# and Unity, it turns out to be quite the fun and I was wondering if we couldn't use both of these programms to turn submachine into a 3D adventure game.

How is the idea Mateusz? Is it ok for you, if I try to make a 3D game out of it? Let me hear your comments :D.


Don't do it.

I will make my own game then-but it will be inspired by all the games that I have played .

just make sure it's your own work, not something created using my graphics or music.

It should be totally different - I am not going to use your graphics or music- I make my own for that.
The only thing I am not sure is how much you care about the story. I mean Submachine is your idea- therefore I can't name my game Submachine. I am just concerned about when I write the story that I have too much of the same. It sounds like a copy to me if I do a game based on another game - but it is still all by me - do you know what I mean? What about the Theories in the Subnet? Do I need a consent from  you or the people who wrote the theories to embed them into my game? A precaution is always that I can write your name and your game in the credits - but that's something that I have to ask you. 

I'd recommend writing something completely new. 

Using theories is totally a grey area where even I do not dare going to. :D

How about:
Mr. M lost his foot in a wrestling battle, but it wasn't so tragic- he found a new foot , an even better one.
Player: OMG? KARMA FOOT???
Narrator: NOOOOOO! He gained a Cyborg foot and his new power was kicking Butts. Butts especially from Patreon supported artists.
Player: OMG THIS STORY IS SO GOOD- I am going to be a Patreon of this guy!
Narrator: And the cycle of butthurt begins....

Narrator: In the deep hole- there was a machine...
Narrator: NOOOOOOOO! It was my washer where I forgot my laundryyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Player: ...
Player: ...
Narrator: And it was a Portal to...
Player: OMG, Karma Portal?
Narrator: to the interdimensional...
Player: YES; OH YESSS!!!
Narrator: noncomprehensible...
Narrator: sentient beeing....
Player: ..... DDDD::::
Narrator: ... also know as my son of a bitch crazy ass wife!
Player: ...
Narrator: ...
You know, If I could, I would totally quit my Job - but the scriptwriter is one heartless kind of a man- he likes to see me suffer ;_;
Player: I feel you.