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back out of it.

just right-click on the .zip file and choose option: extract here. 

open through app. 

(1 edit)

I suggest downloading app and opening it there.

Hi Chess! :D

Thanks for your lets play and also your commentary about the design. And as for donating - don't worry about it, your video is more than enough. :D


What did I just watch! :D

Help Santa find the New Year, it seems that kid got lost somewhere again!

Music by ThumpMonks.

Sidenote: This series of games is basically me thanking all the people who play my games and support my creations each year.

So it's more of a Thank You card, than a full-sized game.

It's a long standing end-of-year tradition by this point.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year! :D


dzięki. :D

następna naturalnie pod koniec tego roku. :D

the one I'm making since 2017 that will be published on steam next year. ;)

enable more storage in your flash security settings. (right click on the game and click global settings).

yes, there will be another submachine, but probably a bit later than mid 2019. I'd rather say 2020...

Thanks! Hold on for the Big Game. :D

the game still has sound, and the soundtrack as well and time counting doesn't corelate to movement.

there is a solution for the station locker. ;)

I'd say greybeard by now. :D

saves disappear because your flash player settings in your browser tell it to purge local storage data.

more details? You downloaded but couldn't open the zip file?

Or just couldn't download at all?

Yeah, I can't wait to port all that to something else that flash...

That'll be the day...

download without app, unpack and open swf in your browser.

this is connected to your browser settings purging local storage data from flash player settings. (right click on the game to get to them).

I'd recommend writing something completely new. 

Using theories is totally a grey area where even I do not dare going to. :D

just make sure it's your own work, not something created using my graphics or music.


Don't do it.

I could, given I travel to those cities. :D

Nikon D3100

Linux version available as of today. ;)

that's an achievement. :D

Looks like one variable didn't register at all.

Did you manage to reproduce this bug on another playthrough? Or was it just one-off thing?

Yes, Subverse will be rebuild from scratch in GMS2, but it'll be a completely different game than how it is in current form.

there will be more submachines for sure.

only flash is ending, not the game itself.

Thanks and no, of course I haven't foreseen or pre-planned this. :D

Most of my creations have no ending yet when I start making them. 

You can't. It's a finished project.



1. no

2. yes

3. yes

I'd suggest not stretching the image to fill entire frame.

If you run into any problems while opening this game
download app
and open this game through app.

No, this is still flash.  It's an older game.

Btw, Newgrounds and Kongrgate don't accept downloadable games (ie created in game maker).

But you do realise, that if it's online, those files would also have to be downloaded onto your disc, right? 

only into your internet cache.

So you might as well download it here. And maybe put in on a memory stick, will work that way as well.

I'll have a steam code ready for you, don't you worry.  :D