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I changed something in payments settings, pls try again.

this is it.

you can play almost entirety of it in Submachine: Legacy. it's for PC, but there are ways to play it on a mac.  check out this app:

Edward Gorey, yes... Let's not forget Tove Jansson. :D

yes, it was. then Apple updated their OS and it no longer was working.

no, it's not available

this sale was in may of 2022...

daymaretown remaster is next.

over 1900

No. You get standalone itchio version here.

new engine, new content, new puzzles, better graphics, no stutter, new music, new sounds... want me to go on? :D

no, I'm not a monster.

covert front - it's also here, on find it on my profile.

you mean - on Windows PC?

sure, email me, or drop me a dm on my socials.

You might call Submachine Legacy a brand new game. It'll be released this year.

I brought the note back, as it turns out it was a fan favourite inventory item. ;)

No, Mac does not allow such files to be opened on their OS.

the note you used to be able to find on the first screen floor?

the one you were able to type in? Removed it a while ago.

Bring your own pen and paper for the sake of max immersion. :D

these are not my games. ;)

yes, all zip files on my site were updated as well.

if you have a download link - get them.

if you don't - let me know.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

this is not a puzzle. You're in a bigger world than just this game, some things are just there as flavor.

If your Mac says: [Unable to find game!] - move the .app to any folder other than the one it's currently in. 

I have no idea. these are not my games.

try "where is 2021?" - if it works for you, this one will as well.

I don't think this is how it works...

My biggest project to date lands on as well. :D


I appreciate your appreciation.

good job. :D

lol. :D

But it's not gone. I feel it'll be around forever. You heard about bluemaxima flashpoint project? Google it. :D

no problemo. Hit me up once it's all on Steam.

(1 edit)

don't worry, I'm recreating submachine in Game Maker Studio and it looks even better than in flash. ;)

turn off antivirus? :D

Also - there should be an option on that window that pops up about exe being blocked that allows to read more or see more  or advanced - where you can tell your computer to open it anyway.

there is no iOS download here. Not sure why you're disappointed.


That's good news. :D

I'll ty a build for 20.04 today and see what happens. :D

Glad you liked it. Yes, Thumpmonks are working hard on music for Slice of Sea. And yes, I am returning to classing pnc mechanics.

a yearly tradition:

Where is 2021? by Mateusz Skutnik

have fun!