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Anyone who watches Doctor Who?
Because there is an episode of doctor who where ... actually spoiler, so I will only tell it's season 9 episode 11.

It reminded me of submachine- (atmosphere).
Steins;Gate is another anime that is based on another time travell novel :D.
Imagine: that an infinite amount of time is to be compressed into a single moment - a second of infinite time. That time that passes between 0 and 1 second meassures an eternity (how many numbers were between 0 and 1?). It seems short - to us-
but it only seems - because we move so fast  that we even conquer infinities of times. Time is short to us . Not time passes- we move trough it. Every movement has a direction. We call that direction: Time. and it's not linear. As Submachine travels through space- I think you have something to do mateusz - what about time? A time loop-

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Haha ;D sure, we all get older.

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You actually look like blackbeard from pirates of the caribbean movie 4. Or rather blackbeard looks like you. - not sure if my eyes deceive me... yarrrr.

How about:
Mr. M lost his foot in a wrestling battle, but it wasn't so tragic- he found a new foot , an even better one.
Player: OMG? KARMA FOOT???
Narrator: NOOOOOO! He gained a Cyborg foot and his new power was kicking Butts. Butts especially from Patreon supported artists.
Player: OMG THIS STORY IS SO GOOD- I am going to be a Patreon of this guy!
Narrator: And the cycle of butthurt begins....

Narrator: In the deep hole- there was a machine...
Narrator: NOOOOOOOO! It was my washer where I forgot my laundryyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Player: ...
Player: ...
Narrator: And it was a Portal to...
Player: OMG, Karma Portal?
Narrator: to the interdimensional...
Player: YES; OH YESSS!!!
Narrator: noncomprehensible...
Narrator: sentient beeing....
Player: ..... DDDD::::
Narrator: ... also know as my son of a bitch crazy ass wife!
Player: ...
Narrator: ...
You know, If I could, I would totally quit my Job - but the scriptwriter is one heartless kind of a man- he likes to see me suffer ;_;
Player: I feel you.

It should be totally different - I am not going to use your graphics or music- I make my own for that.
The only thing I am not sure is how much you care about the story. I mean Submachine is your idea- therefore I can't name my game Submachine. I am just concerned about when I write the story that I have too much of the same. It sounds like a copy to me if I do a game based on another game - but it is still all by me - do you know what I mean? What about the Theories in the Subnet? Do I need a consent from  you or the people who wrote the theories to embed them into my game? A precaution is always that I can write your name and your game in the credits - but that's something that I have to ask you. 

I will make my own game then-but it will be inspired by all the games that I have played .

Game development for the win!

actually I have began programming in C# and Unity, it turns out to be quite the fun and I was wondering if we couldn't use both of these programms to turn submachine into a 3D adventure game.

How is the idea Mateusz? Is it ok for you, if I try to make a 3D game out of it? Let me hear your comments :D.

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I just wanted to mention that somebody who pronouces your name ''skutnik'' it sounds like ''sputnik''. Very similar, you can check that out on wikipedia. Very cool stuff. 
Also this person is doing a let's play of the submachine universe: 

I just thought it might be cool, because he's reading all theories.
Hf exploring the subnet.

Yessss! But will you try to convert the Subverse into another game? I mean we can agree that a fresh start is a**magnificent feeling**. So will you have to reprogramm the Subverse or will you continue the Subverse via another game :  Subverse 2.0 this time in C# :D. Unless you want to build the submachine in Minecraft...Oh wait,.... now I have a hobby to do...
I don't understand programming stuff...

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It feels so surreal talking about a series to end...
When I first started to play the submachines, I was already 11 years old. When I had internet acces I was always looking for point and click games adventures- but there weren't many of them yet...I enjoyed point and click games when I was younger- Physikus- already heard of that game before? - A point and click adventure game dealing with topics in physics.
I love the concept of submachines, the art style, the machines, the complicated  stuff... everything just fitted together eventough it didn't look like they did , somehow it's like a big puzzle -this big game- just a big unsolved puzzle--- it was fun putting the puzzle together but it's sad when you actually finished it- you enjoyed it that much , you know? :D.
Submachine 1 was easy to play- Sub2 was already hard- Sub3 was impossible hard (because I didn't got the coordinates when I was young), 
- after 10 years now being 21- seing that to finish, kinda brakes my heart, but you know...with this series, it gradually gets better with time - my favourite submachines were 2,4,5,7,8,9,10 - because I spent most time playing them.
I also enjoyed covert front very much, eventough it had similarities to submachine- it was more active-
You just managed to catapult the point and click games to another ''layer'' in my opinion (;
I just wanted to say that I really really enjoyed the submachines and that I am looking forward to more point and click games - designed by you. Can you top the submachines? Can you make it even harder, better, more mind blowing?- Who knows?- Maybe after everything we have been through we were able to escape the submachines,...but after several thousands of years what will happen then? The submachine continously evolves - the time will come when the  machines are taking over and become human-  any time heard of the game ''detroit becomes human''- by Quantic Dream before? Funny, ...the protagonist in the story is names... wait for it... ''Kara''! Yes, Kara :D !
It is still being released-but this game is going to become big.

After playing the submachines I realised something...

But wait a minute... Isn't that just... an image on a computer screen?

*Computer shuts of*

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btw. Mateusz, you are awesome. Even you the creator of the submachine, the game, have to admit - this long project wasn't something you have possibly forseen- unless you are dealing with a karma arm- douh. You couldn't have planned all this, or do you? ... (dum dum dum...)
from the bottom of my heart  thank you for this game.
Submachine... will be continued...

I understand

How can I suggest a ''new'' theory in the universe? 


Actually I have so many questions... do you mind to make a ''ask me'' video - about the submachine in general? I would like to ask several questions :D.
One of them is : have you watched contact (1997)? - because I see some resemblance in the submachine (don't want to spoil it) ... and have you played portal?- of course-,... but maybe SOMA? (recommend) - 

32 d (LH) ---> 32y (LAB) , oh wow 1 day in layer one equals 1 year in another, what theory was it again... time dilation, moving, shifting layers?

always turn of the gas handle when you are leaving,

but wtf man, who put's naphthalene in a pocket of a lab coat, shame on him- murtaugh has to go chemistry class, no safety glasses either... pfff

you know the game is good, when the first thing you grab is a hammer...

Have you ever been to Kent, Mateusz?

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yes, and it was a pain in the [location redacted], because I didn't save my notes.

I just deleted the old zip file and downloaded a new one, it somehow didn't occur anymore. Maybe it will still occure, but I made sure, that everything was alright before I was going to play it again...


completed the game,  as always: fantastic game mateusz.

Adding a back pack in the submachine universe like in the exit, would be very nice.  I would suggest next to the bed, or just next to the computer.

I have updated my zip file, I don't know if it will happen again.
Maybe my Download File was corrupted or something, because every time I started a new game, it had the same starting position and clue.

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At ... after you got the switch,  and go in the karma portal at that location there is also a similar puzzle with horizontal and vertical lines, like in submachine one. I don't know what to call it, a pipe with three  regulators which leads to sort of a big container. The clue clearly says horizontal horizontal horizontal, but it is the same as the starting position. I tried every possible combination and it wont open for me 2^3=8. (There is Karma Light flowing out , when you have them vertically).  

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Please fix this bug:

At 000 the switches are meant to be up up up, after connection it still wont open because the start position was already up up up.

Same Problem in final area with that pipe thingy they should be all horizontal but they are already from the beginning . After switching it, it still doesn't do anything.