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Hi Stefan,
Having some issues getting the game to run on an expanded C16 (64Kb, effectively a Plus4) using an SD2IEC.  Game gets to the splash screen and then just hangs.  Any ideas?

That's very weird. I will check if the same problem happens on my Plus/4 together with my SD2IEC. It could have something to do with the picture loader, which is not my code (provided by Ozmoo). I'll get back to you ASAP! 

Hi Stefan.
With apologies, I think this may be a problem at this end.
Other 64Kb games are also causing issues.  I'm looking in to it on the hardware!  Would appreciate the check, but it looks like it may be a local fault.

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Hi, no worries. Yeah I just came to the same conclusion. I tested the game on my Plus/4 and it loaded up just perfectly with the SD2IEC. It must be a local hardware issue. Fingers crossed you're able to find it! Cheers