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I really like this game a lot, but there's just this one problem-- the fights go on too long.  Once you've mastered the mechanic of a given boss fight, you're just doing the same thing over and over again for too long a lot of the time.  Also, a lot of the boss health meters stay full-looking for a large portion of the fight, making it kind of confusing as to whether you're ever going to win or not.  Jumps are maybe a little floaty but overall the basic fight mechanic is sound.  Fights might take too long but they are satisfyingly tense.

The artwork is super-cute and the dialog's weird, snarky vibe is a delight.  I would love to see this built out and deepened!


Thanks for your comment. I like when people tell me what they liked and didn't like about my game. That way I can learn and try to make improvements in my future works.