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I plan to design and implement mechanics, continuing on a prototype from a previous jam.

However, I'm not a (skilled enough) writer. As a work around for that I'm using an existing story (The scandal in Bohemia) as a template. That said, A.C. Doyle left some blanks, so if anyone feels like helping out with shorter blocking and dialogue snippets, then that would be highly appreciated.

An illustrator, preferably with a matching style, would also be awesome.

sheilaheady - Might get back to you on this one. Can you also do atmospheric sound-scapes (something that subliminally heightens immersion, but does not have a melody or anything attention grabbing)?

Yeah I can definitely take a stab at that. Here's what I've made for jams before: It's been fairly melodic so I'd love to work on some more atmospheric stuff.

I'm kind of in the same place. 

I know I can implement some interesting mechanics, probably, and I can write settings and characters decently, but I just can't imagine that I could come up with a good plot for a murder misery. 

I was thinking a lot about how to go procedural, but it's quite overwhelming. 

I'm no great artist, but I can draw some quick and effective low-res or pixel art. 

If somebody wishes to collaborate or I can help them somehow, tell me :)