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You seem to like the whole Altar of Roots bit. Why not keep it simple and do
THE ALTAR OF ROOTS as the name? If that's a main part of the game anyways. That way you don't add anything new really for people to remember, you just cull the part that people get confused by.

 Or flip it, and do THE ALTAR OF ROOTS: Bevontule ? Then you get a simple pronouncable name that people can tell their friends, while keeping everything you wanted? Plus, a freaking root altar grabbed my attention. Sounds awesome.

Thanks for the feedback! The Altar of Roots bit was actually added as a subtitle specifically for the KS campaign--I'm not super attached to it one way or the other. We would like to maintain the momentum that is associated with the word "Bevontule" and since Altar of Roots is really only used to refer to a specific 'episode' of the overall series of games (Yeah, we probably won't be able to cram everything into a single game in any reasonable amount of time) we might go with something like "Wellspring : Rise of Bevontule." Not 100% sold, but that's the direction I'm leaning in so far. Thanks again! :)