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It's a submission for the LOWREZJAM, hence the super low resolution (64x64). 

  • What you call a  "cross" is an arrow 3x5 pixels large.
  • What you call a "box" is a stone for ballista.
  • "Call" does exactly what is said in the description - decreases your turn count, so you need to stand the siege 1 turn less to win.
  • To use an Attacker click it and then click an enemy unit. Attackers become available the next turn after they've been played.

Ah, I see, I'm probably overestimating the real-estate you have for graphics. 

I understand call now, I thought it meant "take you closer to victory" not literally "decrease the remaining wave counter by one". 

Thanks! I'm a huge fan of your random dungeon generator and other projects.