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All of these feedbacks are just my personal opinion so here we go:

GUI 10/10
- So smooth
- Cute
- Computerized love it it
- That red circle on the upper right always gets me hahaha

Sound effects
- the keyboard sound effect doesn't sound like a keyboard at all but I guess it's just my imagination

Voice acting
- I can barely hear the voice acting I can adjust the settings but.... isn't it convenient if the sounds are balanced right in the beginning? ( I guess it's me)
- not satisfied with "This Attack, receive it"
- I'm satisfied with the rest of the voice acting

- it's too loud that I could barely hear the voice acting Well I adjusted the music volume to solve that though (I guess it's just me)

- The music is awesome it really fits the game's theme

- Nice way to start the story
- the story is not passive, it's interesting to read every line!
- As a programmer I love the story
- wow no typo cool
- No fault grammar, I like it
- OMG there's a battle! awesome

Art 10/10
- Wow Moving lips animation awesome
- Wow the character blinks as well
- cool art style
- John doesn't look angry when he is angry make him more aggressive when he's angry (my personal opinion) 

Glitches (non-game affecting)
- black line sometimes appears in the textbox 

Personal Suggestion:
- You should encrypt the file so that the file size won't be that big 

- it doesn't looked like an indie to me it actually looks like a AAA game made by a big company well i guess that's what happens if you have more that one staff in the development

- Overall I enjoyed the demo, as a programmer I loved it 
and I like the puns as well hahaha

heya! I see you're a fan of programs too! 

We did our best in making it, glad you enjoyed the game, and hey! These suggestions will definitely reach the team.

We hope you had at least a bit of fun! Hahaha

Thanks for the support!

Please look forward for the full release!

There's a load of improvement we can still make, so stay tuned!