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All of these feedbacks are just my personal opinion so here we go:

GUI 10/10
- So smooth
- Cute
- Computerized love it it
- That red circle on the upper right always gets me hahaha

Sound effects
- the keyboard sound effect doesn't sound like a keyboard at all but I guess it's just my imagination

Voice acting
- I can barely hear the voice acting I can adjust the settings but.... isn't it convenient if the sounds are balanced right in the beginning? ( I guess it's me)
- not satisfied with "This Attack, receive it"
- I'm satisfied with the rest of the voice acting

- it's too loud that I could barely hear the voice acting Well I adjusted the music volume to solve that though (I guess it's just me)

- The music is awesome it really fits the game's theme

- Nice way to start the story
- the story is not passive, it's interesting to read every line!
- As a programmer I love the story
- wow no typo cool
- No fault grammar, I like it
- OMG there's a battle! awesome

Art 10/10
- Wow Moving lips animation awesome
- Wow the character blinks as well
- cool art style
- John doesn't look angry when he is angry make him more aggressive when he's angry (my personal opinion) 

Glitches (non-game affecting)
- black line sometimes appears in the textbox 

Personal Suggestion:
- You should encrypt the file so that the file size won't be that big 

- it doesn't looked like an indie to me it actually looks like a AAA game made by a big company well i guess that's what happens if you have more that one staff in the development

- Overall I enjoyed the demo, as a programmer I loved it 
and I like the puns as well hahaha