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I don't know, whenever I started playing with my little sister, one or both of us would fling around, and we would die and spectate the other, and she even got on the other side of the invisible barrier. That's all of the detials I know.

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Do you know how the it occur ? Before your little sister get thrown to the other side of the invisible barrier?

I also would like to know  how did you both died in the game . The game has no death mechanic in it.

I'm sorry to hear that this happened to the both of you. We'll look into this one!

No I don't know, we just started moving and we started going crazy, she loves gardens so I'm sure she'd be happy if you fixed it! Thanks!

Did you restart the game fully? That usually fixes that problem! It's a very rare bug, that only occured once during our extensive game testing sessions 

No I hadn't, but now that I have it's even worse, escpecially on higher qualities. I even turned pixelated and glitched back to spectating. And on lower qualities it still doesn't work. We were thrown out of the barrier, and fell down into the void and our screen would change to the other person's screen or none.

It could be caused by your Computer, now that you mention the quality settings. We will look into it, however we only had the second screen bug so far but not the other things, it's really odd! 

same thing happen to me where the screen just changes to the other persons when you finish a plant