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No I hadn't, but now that I have it's even worse, escpecially on higher qualities. I even turned pixelated and glitched back to spectating. And on lower qualities it still doesn't work. We were thrown out of the barrier, and fell down into the void and our screen would change to the other person's screen or none.

No I don't know, we just started moving and we started going crazy, she loves gardens so I'm sure she'd be happy if you fixed it! Thanks!

This is the best game ever lol. But I think you should add s and the down arrow as bashing so you can bash the skull open after you bit the skin and muscle off, and he dies from that instead.

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I don't know, whenever I started playing with my little sister, one or both of us would fling around, and we would die and spectate the other, and she even got on the other side of the invisible barrier. That's all of the detials I know.