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If it seems like controller input is the problem, I'll probably disable the controller stuff for now and make a new build this evening, since not being able to stop moving is pretty game-breaking ^^;

I wonder if that's the case. I don't have a game controller, however, I did notice in the game logs that my keyboard is added as the first controller:

[2018-02-28 @ 00:29:44.592] [launch/native] out: Controllers: added manager for application, 1 managers active
[2018-02-28 @ 00:29:44.592] [launch/native] out: 1st controller connected: Razer Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016
[2018-02-28 @ 00:29:44.592] [launch/native] out: Controllers: Setup controller mapping : ControllerMapping

Could it be that it looks at my keyboard driver and thinks it's a game controller?

I quickly updated the program from itch just now and it seems to have the same issue still. I also noticed that any changes to the control config I make in game don't seem to stick around (tried changing the tech button to T but doesn't keep the change next time I look). I also wonder if that is related.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Ooo thanks - def helpful info.

That's very odd that it thinks your keyboard is a controller haha. Random thought, if you have an older, more basic USB keyboard kicking around the house, could you try that and see if that fixes the issue with being stuck walking up-left?  

I think I'm going to add in a toggle into the Settings screen to enable controller support (that will also be off by default). I can also probably start making a list of device names to ignore as controllers.

I'll also look into the controller mapping screen not saving properly, were you going to it from the Main Menu?  or from in-game?