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Hey, sman, i was wondering and can you give me any tips on to run faster? cause i've beaten all the 10m races but i need to beat 30m, so i was wondering if you could give any tips? or Maybe a video?

Hard to explain with words. On the Steam version of the game, you can watch the replay of anybody. A good way to learn :)

Well, but the problem is i have a mac and i said that before but i was thinking like a helpful tip video maybe showing strategies and where to do things?

No I don't know any video of that type :(
 And don't have discord.

Well thank you for looking and trust me i have looked too but im starting to get worse but im still practicing 

And i was wondering if you could get discord, we could talk faster :)

yes but i dont have the steam version and i cant find any replays of like world records or even like 5 replays and you would have to know the sequence of how long to hold the keys and what time to press them