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Still doesnt work

So i clicked get steam key and clicked sign into steam but steam isnt working for me right now what to do?

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Bought it and its working! maybe try telling mac users to download winebottler and they can fully buy it! :D and where is the steam key supposed to come? 

Then I’ll let you know when I buy it :)

When you buy the game does it come as exe or what?

i did and everything went back to normal but 30M AND 10M RESET ALL THE WAY. i had 3.27 on there AND 1.50.... i think ill buy the game cause i have winebottler and it runs windows  and exe games so idk reply fast pls no hurt

yes but i dont have the steam version and i cant find any replays of like world records or even like 5 replays and you would have to know the sequence of how long to hold the keys and what time to press them

now i cant even press anything to move my game froze :(

i honestly don't know cause i have very fast reflexes and i barely ever turn red

i found a glitch on the demo and whenever i pressed the right arrow key after the flag had gone off i still turn red

Oh, well atleast thank you for pointing out the problems!

Hey sman! i was scrolling through the sands of the internet and found that you still can make a mac version with a software which allows you to release it for all selected platforms


Hey sman, i beat 10m and 30m but i cant get the game, what do i do now?