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Does this help you?

maybe in your spam?



no but an iOS / Android version:

The game is not ready.

I can only give a link when I have a link :)

Please wait a little bit more...

$1.24 right now

Here you go, the game is on sale!

The game is often on sale. Last time it was 75% Off.


Sorry I can't be more precise than "in a few months".

You buy the full game? :)


It's very hard to explain. Press the button so that the foot touches the ground under your body (maybe I already said that in the tutorial, sorry, I don't know what else to say. Just try, try, try! :p )

please send it to me at

No sorry, there is no Mac version.
But would you be interested by a mobile version? Soon I'll start a beta test. You can give me your email address if you want to participate.

In progress ! :)

Contact the support?

retry later?


How to get a Steam Key from your purchase

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Until the end of the week the game is 75% off.


and if you restart by refreshing the page?

how do you do that?

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yes but 

  • there are always specific problems in each platform which take time to solve
  • I used specific code for windows to make some part of the game that would need to be completely rewritten for Mac and I really don't have time for that. I prefer to concentrate on the iOS/Android version (release before the end of 2018!!)


It makes sense then. It's a game for Windows only :)

How did you launch it?

Almost exactly when it's done :D

Before the end of 2018.

Nice! Now wait several months for the mobile version :)

Oh strange... Do you have special characters in your username?

What do you do to obtain this crash?

What version are you using? Steam or non-Steam?

No I don't know any video of that type :(
 And don't have discord.

Hard to explain with words. On the Steam version of the game, you can watch the replay of anybody. A good way to learn :)

yes, children are awesome :)

No sorry. It takes time because I do not have much free time (between work, children, ...).

You don't see the "Buy now" button?

If you bought the game on, you can play to the Steam version. Your purchase inludes a Steam key for Windows.

The Android version is in development. There is only a few months left to wait.
Nope for discord.