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Yeah, put it on PC, it will work.

eh eh :)

Oh! I never tried but it was in my mind. Is it fun?

When it's done :)

Only several weeks. Please wait a little longer :)

Does this help you?

maybe in your spam?



no but an iOS / Android version:

The game is not ready.

I can only give a link when I have a link :)

Please wait a little bit more...

$1.24 right now

Here you go, the game is on sale!

The game is often on sale. Last time it was 75% Off.


Sorry I can't be more precise than "in a few months".

You buy the full game? :)


It's very hard to explain. Press the button so that the foot touches the ground under your body (maybe I already said that in the tutorial, sorry, I don't know what else to say. Just try, try, try! :p )

please send it to me at

No sorry, there is no Mac version.
But would you be interested by a mobile version? Soon I'll start a beta test. You can give me your email address if you want to participate.

In progress ! :)

Contact the support?

retry later?


How to get a Steam Key from your purchase

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Until the end of the week the game is 75% off.


and if you restart by refreshing the page?

how do you do that?

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yes but 

  • there are always specific problems in each platform which take time to solve
  • I used specific code for windows to make some part of the game that would need to be completely rewritten for Mac and I really don't have time for that. I prefer to concentrate on the iOS/Android version (release before the end of 2018!!)


It makes sense then. It's a game for Windows only :)

How did you launch it?

Almost exactly when it's done :D

Before the end of 2018.

Nice! Now wait several months for the mobile version :)

Oh strange... Do you have special characters in your username?

What do you do to obtain this crash?

What version are you using? Steam or non-Steam?

No I don't know any video of that type :(
 And don't have discord.