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  • Entry #2

Today I think it's fair to say I've finished a lot.

I completed the interior of the cabin, made a faceset of Rose, sprited Whitney, and customized the menu, windows and font. I created a night version of the cabin as well. I know, I know, I could've tinted the screen but I thought making a new tileset and new maps would look better.

I did place a lot of little events and text around the maps, and to my surprise eventing is much easier than I thought! It's the tilesets that give ya grief.

Here's some progress gifs!

 photo Playtest 3_zpsaif5iut1.gif

This one loops kind of perfectly for some reason (the posters on the right are for zombie films, the ones on the right are of the sombrero galaxy and spectral lines)

 photo Playtest 4_zpsxob6cohg.gif

 photo menu screen_zpstdz0gqow.png

Custom menu!

 photo Dummy_zpsb92vorgx.png


  • Draw Whitney's face
  • Let them go outside! (draw outdoor tileset, or at least some of it)
  • Draw fullscreen events
  • Draw sprites for the dwarf
  • Mabye sprite bear? Probably not. I'm gonna find a way around that.
Wish me luck! Working on this game is time consuming, but I like it.