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You never cease to amaze! I feel like your mini-projects like this are getting better and better. This was SO MUCH MORE immersive than TUNKY was. I loved the new mechanics and controls (even though I totally forgot about the 'm' for map control, whoops!) - and the atmosphere. OH THE ATMOSPHERE. It definitely had me on edge at all times. It was a great touch using the vents for spawnpoints and the random events that happend. Different forms for BUNKY were super unexpected, so that was a plus. It ran smoothly, great pixel graphics, awesome atmosphere and fun controls. I'd keep writing about all the things I liked about this but I'd be going on all day, lol. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Thanks for making this!


Thanks man, glad you loved the game! Gonna fix that bug at 15:54 now. Thanks again for playing!

I’m excited! Can’t wait for the update!