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This game is amazing! I already loved HO and this is even better! I know I'll never be able to get all the scenes and dialogues, though, because I love Erik too much to put Emma with anyone else! I've played Daire so far and he was amazing and then I played Zane and I loved him a ton too and now I'm working on Kiron and what a relief that there's actually some early-installment kindness going on! He's sweet. I was curious about something that happens on Erik's getaway. I've gotten the dinner or the party at various points but I'm not sure what causes one to trigger over the other and which one is a better outcome. I would think the dinner would be but the boyfriend's POV scene happens with the party.

Erik's getaway is based on your Management skill.

The party is the better outcome for Mira because her husband actually reacts to it and tries to comfort her in his own way.  During the dinner sequence there is no strengthening of her relationship.