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Okay I got past the part I was stuck on but I keep getting a glitch when I open the safe if I hit enter after picking a dialogue option it either freezes the game if it's on this page or exits out of the game if I've downloaded it. 

Annie is an icon. 

I have to imagine it's fifteen minutes after the message was read not fifteen minutes after it was sent. 

My instincts led me to getting the best ending and cutting the game very short lol

Regret nothing. 

OMG Zelda is a ridiculously bad friend. 

I got stuck :(

Aw, ended up with a nice boy who liked me so much and had a beautiful evening. 

Well the person I chose to ask for help agreed to help me so I'm satisfied lol

I really liked this game but it was too hard for me! I turned off all the features that would make it more difficult but I STILL never managed to get one of the tutoring students to pass or MC to stay. Tried like four or five times. 

Since the leave now/stay a little longer choice is important for choosing the route how do you still get on a route that requires the option that now starts the DLC? 

So I think I know what the creature is lol

I hate "I didn't like the game I played so give me my money back" people. Same for movies. Like who cares if you didn't like it? You still paid to experience it! So entitled....

A happy ending? 

I really liked this game! But the ending was really abrupt. Like Pip's route ended just with the picture not even the date ending like with another route. 

It's possible Grace got fake teeth to replace the ones pulled. That doesn't take away from your theory, it's just another possibility. 

Aw...this game was so cute and I love the light-hearted fun atmosphere. 

I only had the heart to get one of the endings. Could have probably gotten a second one but absolutely did not have the heart to get the third one so I know I missed out on SOMETHING but...

I can't believe that I managed to get what is probably the best ending first time! I was trying to get rid of her because the second I saw the life-size doll I knew and I knew how badly this could go. Why did he do it? I wish I understood. He kept saying no one understood and it's like...well obviously not also you haven't even tried to explain. 

So impressed when the typical convention of not having sprites for minor characters turned out to be a plot point/indicative of how he sees the world and so chilling to find out she turns the same way when she leaves in one of the endings.

This was so creepy and so good! Glad I sprung for extended edition to make it easier to see all the ends. Took me a few endings to figure out how the choices I made led to the different endings but now that I worked it out I think it makes sense and is a subtle but meaningful way of determining these things. Loved it! Definitely jumped a few times. 

It seems like this is a sequel to your other game or at least takes place in the same universe. And I see information about two other games on your page. But three's no link or anything? Is that a future project or something? 

I saw this while I was playing so I kept expecting to meet some guy named Jake. And maybe I did? I don't think anyone but Alex and Red had names stated. But I'm so confused...

You know, he says "forgive my desires" but I don't think he really means that lol

I did manage manage to get through the game! 

Not sure I quite get what you mean by opposite from load symbol but I almost completed it anyway. 

I still don't know what to do for CGI 29 but I can wait until you get a chance to find out! I know now is a super busy time of year. 

I was trying to get all the endings but the fact that my money didn't replenish between playthroughs stopped me from being able to do so. I didn't know how to get more money. 

Oh, saves, thank God! 

How do I get CG 29? That's the last one I need. 

Hey, it says in the walkthrough you currently can't get both 31 and 32 but I just did so I think you forgot to take that part out when you updated! 

Is there a way to save the game? I see a load option but I can't figure out how to save and trying to get all the endings/cgs would definitely go faster if I could! 

I had suspected...especially when the woman mentioned a number...but I was hoping I was wrong! Second playthrough was cathartic even when you can't change things. Then third playthrough to get the last CG was...not that lol

You know when I was going for all the endings at one point I was like "I see, so this is the seduce the guy version". And it was. But somehow maybe it's the whole giving up all earthly desires the priest sure seemed surprised he had successfully been seducing someone lol

Does this only have the one ending?

So excited I got the good end first go-around! I really liked all the world-building here and would love to learn more about the setting. Especially the part with Number 1. They did what now? I want details and an explanation lol

Didn't see that end coming! But Akira definitely rubbed me the wrong way at the beginning! Leading his girlfriend on and letting the relationship continue and get more serious because he doesn't want to deal with crying? And being mad that she never cooks dinner for him even though it doesn't seem like he's ever asked her to? Like. Come on, guy. 

Oh that bit wasn't even what I was talking about lol 

Not sure how to not do spoilers so I meant where she's thinking about the drawbacks of picking either guy. Both very unsettling. One much more so than the other. Will definitely be sticking with me! 

Oh wow this was really good! Did happy ending with Rowan then Waite and everything was great! But then did true ending and...well. And then went ahead and rejected Rowan and like Oh My God. So brilliant and deeply unsettling.

Oh wow that was quite the tale! I'm worried, though, because she seems to make nothing but bad decisions and is now going on to happily continue to make bad decisions and this will probably not end well...

I was able to play through once (though the save button didn't seem to do anything and the load button just reloaded the scene and set my stats to zero. Fortunately they went back to normal once something happened to raise one). On my second playthrough I tried on two different occasions (using the load-taking-me-back-to-start-of-after-school-portion) to go home after the first day but it just kept the screen the last room I was in and didn't progress. 

Of course I really enjoyed it, having played it once and tried to play it a second time! I think I'll just have to give up for now and maybe give it another go after some more bugs are fixed. 

I'm only a little bit in, haven't even gotten the achievement for running into everybody yet, but wow it's like every little thing I learn about Lyra (even maybe especially from MC who loves her) is hitting me over the head with red flags. I'm certainly getting some kind of idea about her...

Oh wow I got the good ending! Thank goodness! I personally always put what's best for others over myself to the point I can go overboard so while Quione's almost overwhelming concern about her image wasn't something I could relate to it was so well-done that I could feel it pushing down on me just the same! I tried to balance things out, check on one child so then believe the other but I kept feeling I was failing but then...somehow...made it through! Great job. 

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I don't know if I did it right. Nothing changed after I tried putting the imnotsorry.txt in the game file. Definitely didn't get that last screenshot! 
ETA: Finally got it!!!!

These things happen. It's why I was waiting until the game was finished before starting it.