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I can't find letter #18 and I feel I've checked literally everywhere...except where the letter is lol

This was great! I was trying to be a diplomat but apparently all the magic I was using all over the place overshadowed that and I was an influential magick queen lol

I got what I consider the best ending on my first try! And actually did what MC wanted the very last time. So I basically got best ending first, then MC incompetent ending, then two rejected endings, then adequate ending, then another incompetent ending then finding out what happens if MC actually says it ending! 

For the life of me I can't get past:

"Initiate X,” a croaky voice declared. “Come closer.”

Your throat tightened.

I was able to play the whole thing, it just had no visuals once I hit start. 

But I just tried it again on a different computer and it worked so maybe the first one wasn't advanced enough or something? It was a bit older. But there wasn't an error message and the rest of it went fine. 

I did the web version and there were no visuals. Were there supposed to be? I see that there are visuals in two of the pictures on the side. 

First endings stick with me more than later endings. 

What a sweet game with a sweet bestie turned boyfriend! Also he's got an immature bully who needs to learn to be nice to the people he likes but hopefully he'll go away eventually.

Oh, I knew right away which choice to pick to not screw everything up lol

Then when back and watched things go to hell

This is very cute. 

I was only surprised because the summary asked if you'd make a new enemy, become friends, or even find romance so I kept expecting at least one route to do that lol

I've played four of the routes so far and I've enjoyed them but all of them were solidly friendship at the end and I was hoping for a romance! I'll see how the next two routes go. 

That was super creepy! But fortunately I have nothing to worry about for awhile. Constant vigilance! 

I have to say, the different levels of Yandere present kind of gave me whiplash! 

Have done the first four routes so far. 

Student route: Kuro killed me for agreeing to have a group lunch that included a boy

Mage route: Kuro killed me for being polite and praying to the god that the cleric who was coming with me on an impromptu suicide mission to save the day wanted me to pray to

Detective route: Kuro killed me for trying to find my detective partner before looking for a missing child

Princess route: I literally attacked Kuro and he...apologized for not better understanding my feelings. 

I almost felt like I was the Yandere on that route lol

Of course I prefer lower levels of Yandere but it made the route much harder since I couldn't always figure out which choices would get me killed lol

Is this complete? 

Yes! So excited!

I love it. I wanted to die of embarrassment as Lily in the prologue because she's bad at her job...then seeing the rest of the story was really interesting! Definitely preferred that. 

Oh thank goodness these twins are separated before this ends up a flowers in the attic situation lol

Thanks for the reply! I managed to play through it now and can't wait for Alasdair's route! 

I think I know one thing that will be solved in his route. 


Clearly we'll get more information on what the queen was up to. I just think, unlike Nova, I might understand why a loving (super morally grey) mother who wants the best for her daughter might arrange for her to have to flee the country with the fellow dream alchemist crown prince of the neighboring country. Like. Basically match-making lol

Felix's route really confused me. When I  did Atlas' route there was a Felix and Atlas affection bar but when I tried to do Felix's route once I got to the part where I was deciding if I was going to go with Theo or Felix it told me Atlas' route wasn't available and asked if I wanted to skip to Felix's route. If I said no it took me back to the main menu but if I said yes I jumped ahead to wanting to go with Felix somewhere and I don't understand what part I missed. 

Meilin is mean and I'm not far into the game but I already don't know why I hang out with her lol

Idril's mother is horrifying. Has no respect for privacy or boundaries and is outright abusive. 

Is there some kind of ending guide? I can't think of any more choice combinations to do and I only got 14 of the 18. 

God her parents suck so much. They're not going to tell her they just decided she's going to marry some rando because they think she'll get emotional about it so they're going to spring it on her in public on her birthday? WHY? 

Fake fiance is annoying, too, being a stalker but at least he eventually faced reality. 

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Okay so I just realized something. 

Or I'm pretty sure that I did, at least. 

I'm on night three. 


Connor just told me there is a mailroom and he's seen it. He thinks Karl must have been lying to her about there not being one and MC thinks Karl must just have been confused because of how big the ship is. But Karl knows the ship better than MC right now. 

Connor is from the past, isn't he? I didn't notice that the flapper was weird (well supernatural weird) until MC mentioned it. But he's been speaking very old-timey and him being Irish and me never having been to Ireland can't really explain ALL of that. And MC didn't seem him when he went on shore leave. And no one else has met him/mentioned him yet, although it is early. And he really has no idea about any of the crew rules which, if he's been there for years, he should have gotten some idea. And he thinks college is fancy and aiming high. Which yeah not everyone can but he just seemed weirdly impressed for today. Also I don't think he knew who Rihanna was lol

Karl captured my heart once I realized me insulting him in the first two interactions we had actually appealed to him. 

She got mad at me because I couldn't dictate the entire course of her life. Harsh lol

It's hard! I got X bad ending but I tried to see if there was a Lian bad ending and ended up somehow on Moyu's route lol

I want to try both routes but I don't know how I can possibly convince myself to go along with the prediction. Like I would specifically never date someone just because of that with how the others act lol

The guide only tells me how to get eight of the endings...

I'm highly suspicious of this so I think he's the killer. But we'll never know for sure...

This was very cute. 

That was really dark! 

That was a lot of fun!

Judging by the comments I had a MUCH darker interpretation lol

Okay so, still no walkthrough so I had to do my best! I did great with Cece and got her romance ending on the first try. Then I messed up Max's route and got her friendship ending twice before finally getting her romance ending on my third try! But I never died so could have been worse lol

She is an optional choice in the dating sim part but her only partner option is Orino. I didn't see her anywhere else in the whole game so I'm wondering if she and Orino will have a future side story. 

Who is Kyoko?!?!

Someone needs to explain to MC that being a bad parent to the heir to the throne and letting them be the worst and a clear disaster king in the making, regardless of them overcompensating for their own differently bad childhood, makes them a mediocre ruler at best. The cognitive dissonance she's got going on about how basically perfect the queen was and her son's over here burning puppies or something and that's completely unrelated is really something else. 

There are times I am happy that my bed, which I'm sitting on now, has the headboard against a wall. Playing this game was one of those times lol

This was very cute.