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These things happen. It's why I was waiting until the game was finished before starting it. 

Is this game complete?

I had to spend some time googling different gender signs but I finally came up with genderless for opal once i found both agender and neutrois and googled the terms together. It was clear the symbol was somewhere outside the binary but people really aren't going to be readily familiar with the symbols for every single possibility.

What about the Steam version? 

These look very nice! Such a great nature scene and such a fancy ballroom! 

I was so excited about this game! I managed to get a good ending first try, probably helped I chose Souma. I feel like things got more complicated on Izumi's route lol It was pretty clear to me when Izumi wouldn't go what was happening there. I'm glad how things worked out re: the debt at the end. Izumi seems like he'd be a nice boyfriend and all but how can he possibly compete with the weight of all that history and heartbreak? I feel like when I was playing Yuki only even noticed Izumi was into him when Yuki felt awkward explaining he was going to go to Souma's house and hang out and stuff. Because, like, he was not over that ex sorry Izumi lol

Do you ever get to see the two memories that were blurred out? 

I was so shocked when I was getting close to the end of my first route and the plot development! Hopefully you know what I mean but I don't want to spoil it! I went for Virginia right away. 

I'm a little confused. Kinetic novels are games with no choices or gameplay, essentially just reading a book. You said it was a kinetic novel and that it had choices. 

I love the amnesia trope! Especially if it's temporary or they find out about their past. It's just such an interesting way to take a story and has the potential for some great reveals. 

This game is amazing! I already loved HO and this is even better! I know I'll never be able to get all the scenes and dialogues, though, because I love Erik too much to put Emma with anyone else! I've played Daire so far and he was amazing and then I played Zane and I loved him a ton too and now I'm working on Kiron and what a relief that there's actually some early-installment kindness going on! He's sweet. I was curious about something that happens on Erik's getaway. I've gotten the dinner or the party at various points but I'm not sure what causes one to trigger over the other and which one is a better outcome. I would think the dinner would be but the boyfriend's POV scene happens with the party.

Glad to hear that! I keep getting Ash's bad end. Which is really bad. Like not sure how it could be worse.