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I'm glad you enjoyed learning more about the characters -- Jolene's relationship with her brother has been one of my favorite dynamics to write, so hopefully you enjoy reading it when the full thing comes out! (As far as her song, I don't actually know what that is! I based it on a song that got stuck in my head in a Lyft, and I've never found out what it was called, haha.) Thanks for letting me know there's a typo! I'll definitely make sure to put that on the patch list.

Some Guy is definitely an interesting case, haha. He gets to have his own fun, and he's an important character to Eddie's early development for sure, but he doesn't get a full route... In the base dating sim, anyway. ;) I've definitely planned out what his arc on his own route would be, but it's a matter of how well AWOO actually does once it launches to see if it could be a reality! So fingers crossed!

And I definitely don't mind answering your question RE: werewolf stuff now! All of the guys have roughly three decent-sized scenes, and each guy has at least one human and one werewolf "encounter", haha. The third scene -- and the order they're in, as well as what that actually entails in terms of content/actions -- completely depends on which love interest you pick! But there's some options in the text itself, so you definitely see your fair share of everything. I feel like that's as clear as I can be without totally spoilering every part, haha.

Thanks for your support! ❤ Hope you enjoy the full release!

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Thank you!

Yeah, everythin's clear, and it's nice to know you'll put "encounters" with both forms!

The song I'm talking about is La Da Dee, by Cody Simpson. If you want to check it out, but it may be risky if it gets stuck in your mind again haha!