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I've finally been able to replay again - for the first time since the original demo - and I love the changes in the backgrounds, the point and click part and the overall direction it's taking. It's really a gorgeous game. And I'm still overwhelmed by Pol's sweeteness haha.

I don't have much more to say than the first time other than that, except that I can't wait to hear the characters' voices (it did reach that kickstarter tier, right? - don't remember well). I'm also still slighly bothered by the skip adult sections prompts that break the immersion - I really wish for a menu option where you could switch between "enable all adult content", "ask about individual scenes" and "disable all adult content", but I believe I've already mentionned something like  that anyway. I'm just really upset about things that break immersion haha - and if I feel it early on, I'm mostly worried that it be worse when the things'll get truly romantic.

Well, that would be it for now I think. Though, at the risk of being obnoxious - and sorry in advance - what is the current planned release date, if you have one? I can't seem to find anything about that. Sorry if it's "hidden" in plain view and I'm the blind one, or if you simply don't want to answer for now!

Thank you and good luck with finishing and polishing the game and all!

Thank you for your input! The planned release date is June 2018 :)

And about the skip options... I didn't think they'd be so bothersome! I'll try to add an additional menu for them at the start of the game, then.

I've observed that I'm not that bothered about skip options appearing when the subject is gore, because it's rarely a touching or emotional moment, at least in that sense. But I don't know, when it's about romance it definitely bugs me a lot - for example, in this specific demo, it's a lot less frustrating if you choose the option to go to the gay bar than if you stay where you are, since the scene is only a random thing with a random dude in the bar