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The art style is nice, the music -- while not memorable -- is well-done, and the slightly sarcastic tone throughout is welcome. As for the gameplay itself, while I like the basic premise of the game, it could do with some improvements; primarily to the combat system.

For example, for a rhythm-based combat system it seems weirdly out-of-sync. I think my biggest problem is that the enemies do not follow this rule, attacking after a set amount of time rather than on the beat.

One other thing is the conversation aspect during combat. It is not particuarly engaging, just throwing a line of dialog at you and that's it.

All-in-all, a solid premise with a solid demo.

I also have to say, bravo on the name of the game. The title combines the prefix "under" --meaning "less than" or "beneath" -- and hero, creating a name that means, "The lesser hero", but considering the word "understudy", it's more exact meaning is, "The substitute hero".


Thank you!
To clarify, our combat system is not rhythm-based per se, but a semi turn-based game about timing attacks and dodges. The music mechanic is just a little bonus for extra damage. The combat expands later on with more enemy variety and new weapons to choose from.

The talking during combat does have a deeper purpose, but not in the demo I'm afraid.
We don't want to spoil it here, but it is important!

Even though the name of the game has brought us more comparisons than praise, I'm glad to hear someone else agrees with our naming conventions! More specifically, we combined "underling" and "hero". 

We believe it fits the themes of the game perfectly.