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Don Villano... Nice one.

This game has a LOT of problems, from glitchy goemetry, wonky combat, a lack of any combos, and unreliable physics.

That said, the game is still fun for what it is. The last fight was especially good. Also, I appreciate the humor.

Click the screen, then hit any of the WASD or arrow keys. It should work fine.

I'm more confused than anything. It could have been creepy with a bit more context; this was just odd without any.

It works well by successfully building tension, and using sprites to represent apparitions was a nice touch. It gives them this "unreal" quality.

My only real gripe is that one screamer. The voice saying all that stuff to the player was creepy, but the jumpscare directly after was just funny with how obviously placed it was, and ruined the feeling of dread that had been building, as well as any immersion.

Still, only a single gripe is really good for any game, much more so for a horror game. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with.

Despite how incredibly simple this is, the game is suprisingly fun. Though there is little replay value.

I was creeped out. Only a very small handful of games have ever managed to do that, and I have played many. Good job!

What's most scary is this has been and in some places still is a reality.

Don't install over the Itch app. It does not seem to be working. Just download the game from the website.

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The art style is nice, the music -- while not memorable -- is well-done, and the slightly sarcastic tone throughout is welcome. As for the gameplay itself, while I like the basic premise of the game, it could do with some improvements; primarily to the combat system.

For example, for a rhythm-based combat system it seems weirdly out-of-sync. I think my biggest problem is that the enemies do not follow this rule, attacking after a set amount of time rather than on the beat.

One other thing is the conversation aspect during combat. It is not particuarly engaging, just throwing a line of dialog at you and that's it.

All-in-all, a solid premise with a solid demo.

I also have to say, bravo on the name of the game. The title combines the prefix "under" --meaning "less than" or "beneath" -- and hero, creating a name that means, "The lesser hero", but considering the word "understudy", it's more exact meaning is, "The substitute hero".

I'm decently surprised. I expected a small, 30 minute or so project with maybe one or two things going for it, but nothing special.

Instead, I got a really good game, with tight controls, cool game mechanics, an interesting setup, and good music and sound design.

I would pay money for something like this.

Ah, my bad. I forgot to check that.

Cheesy, a little sappy, and entirely over-the-top, yet there's a certain charm to the game. I enjoyed my time in the world of "Romance Detective", for the short time it lasted.

The character development is well-paced, the art is nice to look at (though "Romance Cop" looks like she needs to eat more. I'm low-key worried about her health), and the music is pleasant to listen to while really matching the tone of the game. I wish there was a bit more interactivity, but I understand this was intended as a visual novel rather than a game.

While I personally think this is inferior to your previous work, that's still saying something, as your work up to now has been impressive, to say the least.

I thought the combat would be more like Hotline Miami, but this is still extremely fun. The music gets old after a while though. It's the same track over and over again.

Hooh boy. Okay, so as a game this is absolutely abysmal. However, for the first project you've ever created, this is actually okay, considering you've had absolutely no coding experience or training before.

The first thing I notice is the Field of View. It is extremely low, even making me a little uncomfortable, though I usually don't notice nor care what the FOV is at.

The next thing is collisions. I have colisions with only three things: the ground, the trees, and a rock. I move right through characters, walls, etc.

Next, the monsters are just standing there in a circle around the player. No context, no reaction, nothing.

Upon heading down the path to the right, an image, more specifically the thumbnail for the game, pops up. This is called a "screamer", and is a very cheap jumpscare. This kind of jumpscare should never be used in a horror game, never mind the fact this particular jumpscare had no context or reason for being there.

It is not only possible, but very easy to leave the map. I just walk up the hills and jump right off.

The sounds in the background have no reason for being there. Just adding in some screams, moans, beeping, and chain rattling, then putting it all on a loop is not scary nor creepy. There has to be a reason for the sound to be there. Sound may very well be the single most important aspect to a horror game, so it is doubly important to get it right.

The player walks extremely slow. No one walks that slow, unless taking a leisurely stroll. The sprinting speed is fine though.

The gravity is good. There is actual momentum, something most people don't get right on the first project.

The characters have animations, even if it is only a basic idle animation.

The sprinting is nice. It zooms out the FOV, giving an additional sense of realism and speed.

I have a few suggestions to improve your skills as a developer.

Make a few little projects just to get some practice coding. Practice makes perfect, and coding is no exception.

Try watching a few tutorials on programming with Unity or talking with some people who have used Unity.

Play or watch someone play horror games --preferably the "good" ones-- and take notes. See what the games do, what gets the best reaction from people, and what people react negatively to.

Is there going to be controller support for this game? I find it more difficult to play top-down games with a mouse and keyboard.

I think the dev has been working on improving SUPERHOTline Miami. The last update there was March 3rd, so I imagine they'll get to work on this when they are done with that.

This game was excellent. By all rights the game should be horrible, however everything comes together in a way that is an absolute blast to play.

Before I continue I would like to note this game has a lot of flashing lights and colors. If you have epilepsy or are prone to epileptic attacks, play this game with caution.

The first thing that struck me was how good the gunplay is. The guns sway with movement, have fairly accurate recoil, and for the most part are very satisfying to use.

The game has memes that flash across the screen everytime an enemy is killed. Rather than being annoying, the memes feel more like background noise, hardly noticed yet greatly adding to the chaos. Sadly most of the memes are outdated, though that is to be expected of a game made in 2014.

There is music that plays throughout the game. It is very techno/dubstep like. I am normally not a fan of that kind of music, but in this game it works so well, making me feel pumped up for whatever is next. I believe there are only two soundtracks, yet they don't get old after a while. This is likely helped by the game's short length.

There are a couple of slow-motion sections in the game, much like Call of Duty's "breach and clear" moments. Slow-motion is also activated for a few brief seconds when an explosive "barrel" is shot.

The controls are alright, but are fairly basic.

The game has very sporadic controller support. Sometimes a controller works, and other times it doesn't. From what I've seen attempting to use a Playstation 4 or Xbox One controller is practically guaranteed to not work.

All-in-all the game is explosive, fast-paced fun.  9/10.

This one, while not quite as charming as the previous installment, is still well-done. The characters continue to be memorable, and even get more complex. The music as always is pleasant to listen to. Nami seems to be getting better at estimating the amount of time the game will take. It took me an hour, just like it says it will.

Again, a very well-done little game. The chararcters are still memorable, and the story is nice. Though the creator is still not great at estimating the amount of time the game takes. I spent an hour playing.

This was absolutely terrific. Very simple, but the characters are memorable, and the story is very relevant. The creator may not be the best at estimating time the game will take however. The game took me about 40 minutes to complete.

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This was an enjoyable experience.

  • The game is very pretty to look at. The art style is simple yet clean, and successfully adds depth to objects.
  • The puzzles can give a player pause, yet not to the point of frustration.
  • Nothing is trying to kill you, yet the feeling of unease is there.
  • There are a number of bugs, and the controls can be a little stiff -- especially when jumping -- yet for the most part these do not distract from the experience.

About the problem with using K&M, I can think of two solutions: 

  • Adding a sensitivity slider.
  • Allowing the player to switch between the two camera modes by pressing a button rather than holding it. "Reset camera" is this second mode I'm talking about. While its purpose is only to center the camera, it would work as a second camera mode, since it would allow the player to turn with the mouse rather than the WASD keys.

This was pretty good. The game is extremely buggy and the AI is practically non-existent, yet the core concept is good. I could legitimately see it become something more than a prototype.

Also, the music was very good. It got me pumped up and ready for some fast-paced action.