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Hi there, this was such a lovely game to play, despite the coin being hard to get to just before the final area, even with the Pink gun upgrade :p

The soundtrack for this game is quite a tune, and while the backtracking required to track down each coin was time-consuming, what with the bosses coming back to life after beating the final boss, it was quite rewarding to finally collect all the coins.

The ending was quite unexpected, and I'm glad for once that a blob is your bro, instead of being a staple enemy :)

I'm sure I'll enjoy playing your Slime Bubble Bro game, once I get to it :)

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, Hob!  I'm glad you enjoyed the game and yeah, look forward to hear what you think of my other games.  :)


I really enjoyed playing your Run-Gun-Bot game, and though I only played the Slime Bro game for a short while, I found it interesting to play, especially since there are so few games where you play as the slime, and this one is unique due to the bubble-trapping/shield mechanic :)