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There are swords, chests, doors and other medieval like sounds on this pack?

I'm looking for sounds that I could use on a RPG game (the RTP packagem from RPG Maker allows use only in RPG Maker, and I need sounds that I can use in other engines).

No, sorry.
But maybe can I make a sfx pack for an RPG purpose in the next weeks.
The sounds types in this pack are: Bass Drum, Explosion, Footstep, Hi-hat, Instrument, Jump, Menu, Ouch, Pew, Pickup, Powerup, Punch, Roar, Snare, Space, Starpower and Teleport.
You can check the sounds here:

I see... But if you are willing to make a RPG themed SFX pack, you already have one customer! ^_^

I will follow you to keep in touch with new packs releases.

BTW, these packs can be used in comercial games?

Yes, you can use these packs in any of your project, comercial or not! :)

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