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Hey this looks great!

Quick question, are you going to release on Linux too? It would be a shame to not support that platform as more and more steam boxes are hooked up to TVs and this seem like a good couch romp for the family.

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Thank you :)

The thing is, I startet this project in Game Maker 8 for Windows. Unfortunately it's not that easy to move it over to Game Maker Studio (which could support more platforms), because I'm using certain programming querks and addons that are not compatible.

I basically had to rebuilt the whole game from scratch in a newer engine.

But if there is a way to play .exe games in Linux you could maybe try it?

So planned for now is only Windows support, for other platforms I would need help to port it...

Yeah, wine works ok-ish most of the time, but native support is king when it comes to user engagement ;)