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Nice short game, I like the style. 

My playthrough: 

Though, there are some things I think could be improve:

- The way the protagonist says "to find some closure?" makes it seem like she has absolutely no idea what she is doing.

- On my first playthrough (before death), the images for the items didn't seem to show up.

- The ending is very sudden and anticlimactic.

- There's not a lot of sound to the game, it's very quiet.

- It's a bit unclear what you're supposed to do with each item. It took me quite a while to even find the shovel as I thought I had to do something with my current items.

Regardless, this game was pretty fun to play and had a nice atmosphere. :)


Thanks for playing, and for all the valid feedback! Sound design is definitely lacking, and the deliberate vagueness on what your next step is doesn't always work as well as intended. Thanks again!