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We've achieved the impossible! :D Thanks for the compliment

Although the idea is not the most unexpected, this proves that it is very viable! I'd suggest texturing the grass so you can better see how fast you're going. Good stuff :)

Although I could've used a better indication of what the pirate's line of sight is, this had some good level design! Kudos!

I like the concept!

As a proof of concept this mechanic is great, give orders to your squad of ghosts. Picking a route is still buggy and Pacman isn't very clever, but pathfinding is a tricky topic to tackle in such a short time! If those features are ironed out, this could become a great mind-bending puzzler!

As others have noted, the first hit had great comedic effect :P Thanks for that

The mini game approach is fun, but having two fish game with the same graphics but completely different goal and control scheme was a bit confusing. Would love to see more mini games tho!

Love the Warioware style presentation! The roles reversed theme could be strong tho, as now you're just looking for the word "You" and then looking at its opponent. Great potential overall :)

Like the idea of having to focus on two different mechanics at once. I'd move the enemy health bar to follow it above its head, and the obstacles could occasionally move from the top position to the bottom one and back as the top ones are not very dangerous right now. Good stuff tho!

Interesting concept! Here are some notes:
- Switching gravity has the player expecting that it would affect both players
- I wanted to use one character as the stepping for the other, but seeing as they both jump at the same time that's not possible

Keep up the good work :)

You've got a gameplay solid mechanic here. Would love to see how you build it out. Bonus points for custom music :)

Fun that you not only reversed the roles but also switched the genre to being a clicker!

That is an insane score, so yes! :P

Unfortunately not! Maybe sometime in the future tho!


Thanks a ton for playing!

Love your energy man, keep it up!

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for the kind words homie!

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, the sound design needed some more work, for sure!

Thank you for playing! :)

Thanks a ton for playing! :D

Thanks for playing, and for all the valid feedback! Sound design is definitely lacking, and the deliberate vagueness on what your next step is doesn't always work as well as intended. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing! :D The dog following you *almost* anywhere is on purpose, and the level design was built around that. No safety for you >:)

Oooh this is the second game of mine you've played through! I owe you one, haha!

Thanks for your kind words, it means a lot! :D

Thanks for playing, and your kind words! Your comment on the length is very valid, so hopefully I'll make more content in the future!

Ah, avoiding the master key I see! Clever!

When you grab the master key you can open all doors except for one ;)

Thanks so much for playing, and figuring everything out! :D

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Thanks so much for playing! I have to ask, was the recording laggy or the game itself? I hope it's the former, otherwise I have some optimisation to do, haha! Also here's a small hint: You were in the right place when you got caught the second time!

Haha your pronunciation was pretty close! :D Thanks a ton for sharing your experience. Fun Megaman edit too! "You don't really have plans do you?" "ANIME!" That cracked me up :P

Oh man, this is really quite the pickle. That is caused by Google Drive not allowing you to share zipped .EXE files... We'll look into this!

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Oh that is indeed unfortunate! It might be an anti-virus flagging it as a false postive, or something to do with your browser... May I ask which browser you use? In the meantime, here is an alternate download location :)

With some help of Blender and good old MS Paint you can create some really retro stuff! Digging it so far!

Thanks a bunch for your review and playthrough! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks for your kind words! The volume levels should have indeed been balanced better, but as the voice acting was a very last minute addition we simply didn't have the time :)

We have not decided yet, so stay tuned! :D

That is great to hear! Thanks for sharing! <3

That is great to hear! Might just motivate us enough to make more ;)