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A pretty cool experience, though I wish it was easier to solve puzzles. It seems like half the game is behind a "open this file with a random program" or "press random buttons till something works". I also wish the ending was more climactic. Regardless, I had a fun time playing it and seeing all the hidden things.

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Honestly an amazing game, I really enjoyed it's story and how it plays out! :)

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

• Very unique concept and detailed story.

• The building seems to be missing the stairs section (since there's an elevator).

• The story doesn't quite make sense to me... I mean, did he end humanity because he didn't like how people had to work and weren't as nice as his fantasies? It sounds kind of weird - killing billions of people just because you don't like how they live their life (even though they are perfectly fine with it). Killing them was really unnecessary.

• It isn't very well explained how the spores actually spread and killed everyone. If it started in this one store, how was it not handled fairly quickly?

Overall, I have had an amazing experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity of playing such a game. :)

Very unique game. I wish there was more gameplay element to it or more scares, but was a cool experience nonetheless! 

Although a short game, I really liked it! :)

It could use a lot of improvements but overall it is pretty enjoyable and scary!

Interesting game! Has a unique story and quite a lot of scares..

I've had lots of fun playing it. The only thing that bothers me about this game is that the last computer's text goes by too quick and is hard to read in time, but other than that it's incredible! :)

Amazing game! I loved the atmosphere it gives. The first ending is a little confusing though and didn't make much sense to me, but overall I enjoyed my experience as a security guard :)

Nice short game, I like the style. 

My playthrough: 

Though, there are some things I think could be improve:

- The way the protagonist says "to find some closure?" makes it seem like she has absolutely no idea what she is doing.

- On my first playthrough (before death), the images for the items didn't seem to show up.

- The ending is very sudden and anticlimactic.

- There's not a lot of sound to the game, it's very quiet.

- It's a bit unclear what you're supposed to do with each item. It took me quite a while to even find the shovel as I thought I had to do something with my current items.

Regardless, this game was pretty fun to play and had a nice atmosphere. :)

Incredible game, I've had tons of fun playing it!
My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  1. The game has really nice atmosphere and mechanics, well done!
  2. The "key" and "slime" in the hotbar don't seem to serve much purpose.
  3. You can not escape Crypts, sadly );
  4. Some things are just way too lengthy to try and be stealthy, such as that one spot with the 5+ hot coals you have to put out. You could simply just run through, grab it, and run out, since the other way would take way too long.
  5. You can't carry more than one stone, even though you pick more up, making them "disappear".
  6. The directions "Left, Right etc..." make no sense. The first one is to go left, but the left path is blocked?
  7. You're really slow on slopes, making it quite harder to escape.

Overall, my experience was superb. I've had lots of fun figuring things out :)

Interesting and brings horror elements very well. Though, the lack of gameplay in my opinion is what stands out the most, if there was a chase or a harder puzzle I feel like the game could've benefited a lot. Regardless, it's a unique horror experience.

Barely any sounds & have not seen a single monster.

There is nothing interesting about the maze.

Very interesting horror game! Though I would admit there are some improvements to be made:

- Having the enemies attacks be more climactic (Screen shake, etc..), it just seems so dull at the moment.

- Having things such as keys glow a bit, as the static makes it a bit hard to notice sometimes.

- A way to outrun the snake by giving it rats to eat.